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Free Fire Wood Delivery to England & Wales
Excluding Scotland
Low Moisture Content
Less than 20% moisture
VAT included
In all website prices
100% British hardwood
UK virgin timber
Free fire wood delivery near me, available to most parts of the UK
Free Firewood Delivery To
England & Wales
Low moisture logs for sale
Low Moisture Content
Less than 20% moisture
VAT included when buying logs online
VAT included
In all website prices
100% British hardwood firewood for sale
100% British hardwood
UK virgin timber
Fire wood and hardwood logs for sale near me


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Cozilogs: Your UK-Leading Supplier of Firewood

Cozilogs is a renowned UK supplier of sustainably sourced, 100% British 'Ready to Burn' Woodsure certified firewood based in Worcester. We offer a wide range of kiln dried logs for sale and deliver our cosy logs to homes and businesses throughout the country.

It's never been easier to find "fire wood near me" and buy firewood logs online with free delivery to England and Wales.

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Firewood Delivery & Premium Hardwood Logs Online at The Best Prices!

Buy 100% British kiln dried firewood, made from UK Virgin Timber online at Cozilogs, and get kiln dried hardwood firewood, delivered direct to your door, free of charge. Our firewood logs are of the highest quality and perfect for wood burning stoves, outdoor fires, pizza ovens, log burners, and fire pits.

Our Woodsure and Ready to Burn certified cosy logs are accredited by the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) and meet the eligibility requirements of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

All of our kiln dried logs for sale are fully traceable, and sourced from sustainable UK woodlands and forestry. With low moisture (less than 20% moisture), you can be sure that our cosy logs will give a clean burn and high heat output.

Mixed firewood logs for sale (bulk bags)

Discover the ultimate heating solution at Cozilogs with our high-quality mixed firewood logs for sale in convenient bulk bags. Sourced from sustainable UK woodlands, our mixed hardwood logs are kiln-dried to ensure a clean burn and impressive heat output.

Choose from a variety of bulk bag sizes, including 415 kg, 215 kg, or our popular genuine 1-ton bag option. Enjoy free fire delivery within mainland UK on orders over £100.

Trust Cozilogs as your go-to source for premium mixed firewood logs in bulk bags – shop now and experience the warmth of a cosy home!

Choose from bags of alder, ash, beech, birch, hornbeam or oak logs

If you prefer a specific type of firewood, you can also choose from our bulk bags of logs below:

These cosy logs are all high-quality kiln dried firewood and are available in barrow and bulk bags, 1-ton bags, classic and giant crates, and nets. This means you can buy the exact quantity you need! Also available are virgin wood briquettes, logs for pizza ovens, firelighters and kindling, and our range of outdoor and BBQ packs, which include excellent charcoal options.

The wood fuel options from Cozilogs are ideal for open fires, wood burners and log boilers and they are equally suited to home or business use.

Why buy from Cozilogs?

Here are the exceptional benefits you get when buying our kiln-dried logs for sale:

  • 100% British hardwood
  • Best price guaranteed
  • Free kiln dried wood delivery within mainland UK*
  • Long-term established supplier
  • Minimal smoke with low emissions
  • Moisture content - less than 20%
  • VAT included in all website prices

From popular types of wood like oak and birch to specialty logs for pizza ovens and fire pits, Cozilogs offers a wide range of kiln dried hardwood firewood. Not only do we provide free delivery across the UK, but we also ensure that our products are sustainably sourced, offering you an eco-friendly solution for your heating needs.

Free fire wood delivery near me

Say goodbye to searching "fire wood near me" and embrace the warmth of our cosy logs, perfect for open fires, wood burners, and log boilers.

* With all of our logs online, you can enjoy free fire wood delivery on orders over £100 within mainland UK with various options like next day, AM or PM only, and Saturday delivery. Visit our delivery page for detailed information or buy firewood online with ease.

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