Types of Kiln Dried Logs

One of the most frequent questions asked by our customers is which kiln dried firewood is the best to buy?  To answer this question, we will elaborate all types of kiln dried logs offered by us i.e. kiln dried ash logs, kiln dried oak logs, kiln dried beech logs and kiln dried mixed logs.

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2nd December 2019

The Government’s new Clean Air Strategy!

Published in January of this year, the government’s new Clean Air Strategy sets out plans for dealing with all sources of air pollution, in order to make UK air healthier to breathe, protect nature and boost the economy. Whether your business supplies wood fuel to consumers, produces woodburning appliances or makes direct use of wood fuel, it’s important to understand what the Clean Air Strategy is and how you can get behind it.

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27th September 2019

CoziLogs Are Just Warming Up

Fast-growing firewood supplier CoziLogs is continuing to expand with the launch of its new website and the opening of a new distribution centre in Chester, enabling them to supply premium quality, kiln dried fuel to even more businesses across the UK.

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31st July 2019

What are the benefits of ‘Ready to Burn’ firewood?

Picture the scene: you’ve carefully stacked your wood in the fireplace or chiminea, followed that YouTube video’s instructions to the T, but as you desperately strike match after match the logs sit and smoke, resolutely refusing to catch alight. Whether it’s a warm summer evening with friends in the garden or a cold winter’s night at home, those waiting for the sudden leap of flame to toast their marshmallows or warm their fingers start to get antsy about the wait. Maybe they start trying to ‘help’. But no matter how good the advice, it will fall short if the wood isn’t ‘Ready to Burn’.

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2nd July 2019

Best wood for pizza ovens in restaurants

The best wood to burn in your pizza oven is kiln dried hardwood such as oak, beech and birch. Oak is easy to source and burns very hot compared to other woods. It is very important to choose the right wood for your pizza oven, in order to ensure that you should buy your kiln dried firewood from Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ supplier. ‘Ready to Burn’ is new terminology recently introduced in the wood-fuel market to lead the consumers towards wood that is more suitable to burn. 

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8th May 2019

Why you should buy Woodsure certified ‘Ready to Burn’ firewood?

Woodsure is the only non-profit organisation in the UK which regulates the quality of the woodfuel in the industry. Woodsure has launched a new ‘Ready to Burn’ certification for firewood suppliers.  The ‘Ready to Burn’ certification is available to only those suppliers of firewood whose firewood moisture content is below 20%. The ‘Ready to Burn’ label shows that the firewood is ready for use as wood fuel. ‘Ready to Burn’ certified wood burns more efficiently and reduces the level of emission in the air. When you are buying firewood always look out for wood which is labelled ‘Ready to Burn’ by Woodsure.

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26th April 2019

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