We have put some time aside and created this informative blog article, which explores the topic in detail. We provide a dozen benefits here, naturally, we avoid trying to avoid repetition but many of the benefits inter-relate, so we hope you enjoy learning all about compressed wood logs.

Editors Note: 3rd December 2023 – This article was originally published on 7th January 2023. Today we have added a new section “Compressed sawdust logs” and provide various other enhancements throughout the article.

Compressed wood logs naming conventions

Compressed wood logs for heating are also described and marketed under various other names, these include artificial logsbriquettescompressed logs, fire logsheat logs, pressed wood logs, and sawdust logs. We use numerous of these terms intermittently throughout this article and Cozilogs actually sell these under the name "briquettes". Buy our briquettes now, by clicking here.

1)    A cost-effective form of heating

Much cheaper than other forms of fuel, compressed wood logs are a cost-effective solution for heating your home. These artificial logs for heating are cost-effective because they are denser than regular wood logs, meaning they burn more efficiently (slower and hotter) while using less wood. This reduces the amount of wood needed to heat a home and has a lower cost overall. As compressed logs are easy to store, they also help save to money on storage space.

Wooden briquettes, firewood and kiln dried logs are all options

Wooden briquettes, firewood and kiln dried logs are all options

2)    Briquettes are convenient and save space

Briquettes, the more popular name for compressed wood logs, are easy to store and require minimal space for the fuel quantity purchased. If buying in bulk quantity you can store some outside (perhaps in a shed), and some conveniently near your fireplace or wood-burning stove. Briquettes are much smaller than traditional firewood logs, so they require lower storage space (depending upon how many you buy!)

They are easy to transport and deliver for us, and they can be used in any standard wood burning stove. They are clean and easy to manage, producing minimal ash and smoke.

3)    Environmentally friendly benefits

Artificial briquettes are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wooden logs and Calor gas because they produce fewer emissions and have a more efficient burning process (due to their density). This reduces the amount of smoke and emissions produced.

Artificial logs contain sawdust, wood chips, and wood shavings that are (usually) combined with a wax-based binder and squeezed together to form pressed wood logs. The majority of the ingredients in artificial briquettes would otherwise end up in a landfill, which is another great reason to use them! As they are made from recycled wood waste, this helps reduce the strain on forests and other woodlands.

4)    Choose for a cleaner burn

For a better burn, compressed wood logs burn much more cleanly than other types of fuel, reducing the amount of smoke and soot that is produced when you burn them. Their density and lower moisture levels deliver cleaner burning. When they burn, they produce a more consistent flame and are capable of generating more heat per log than firewood.

The lack of moisture in the pressed wood logs means that they produce significantly less smoke and fewer sparks, resulting in less air pollution. The logs are also manufactured with additives, such as waxes, which reduce the number of pollutants produced when burned. As a result, these artificial logs are considered to be a cleaner, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly option for heating than traditional firewood.

5)    Save time and effort on chopping wood

Enjoy the fact that these logs are already chopped and prepared, so you do not need to worry about gathering and chopping your own wood! They are delivered ideal for use in wood burning stoves and fireplaces, meaning you can enjoy the beauty of a real fire without the hassle of chopping wood. These compressed logs are a convenient and easy-to-use solution for home heating needs. As they are manufactured from wood chips and sawdust compressed into a solid log, no chopping is required, simply light the fire, and enjoy the warmth!

Save time on chopping wood when you buy artificial logs

Save time on chopping wood when you buy artificial logs

6) Long-lasting qualities

Lasting longer than regular firewood, they make a more economical solution for heating your home. Compressed wood logs can last up to eight hours, meaning you will not have to keep topping up your fire.

Artificial logs such as these are long-lasting because of their density and low moisture content. The compaction process produces a high-density log, which removes moisture and air, resulting in a denser log that is up to three times as dense as regular firewood.

The low firewood moisture content reduces the amount of smoke and vapour created when the logs are burned and help to retain heat for longer periods. The compressed logs also burn much more slowly, providing a longer and more consistent heat output. These artificial wood logs are a great, long-lasting option for those wanting to stay warm and cosy, especially during the winter months.

Compressed wooden logs are both easy to light and have long lasting qualities

Compressed wooden logs are both easy to light and have long lasting qualities

7)    Easy to transport

Buy these compressed logs as well for ease of transport and moving around, they are especially ideal for camping trips. Artificial logs are easy to transport because they are densely packed into a small, compact shape. Being much denser than traditional firewood logs, they consume less space and weigh significantly less. This makes them ideal for transporting, as they can fit into smaller vehicles or be carried by a single person.

Compressed wood logs for heating like the ones we sell at Cozilogs are also usually wrapped in plastic or a moisture barrier, making them easier to store and protect from the elements during transport.

8)    Easy to light

Easier to light than regular firewood, compressed wood logs are a great choice and reduce the need for fire-starting products. These artificial logs are easy to light because they are pre-treated with wax and other flammable materials. The wax and other flammable materials help to create a quick and consistent burn.

Light a fire quickly with artificial logs

Light a fire quickly with artificial logs

9)    Made from sustainable sources

Made from sustainable sources, artificial logs are a more sustainable option than other fuel sources. Buy briquettes in the knowledge that this product reduces the number of trees that are cut down and, therefore, the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. The briquettes we sell here are made from recycled wood that has been sustainably sourced and then compressed into a log shape. The logs are also made from waste materials such as sawdust and woodchip, which otherwise would have gone to waste.

Please note, all timber supplied by Cozilogs is sourced from 100% virgin UK forestry areas, which are fully traceable and grown in sustainable Woodlands.

10) High energy output

Artificial logs provide a higher energy output than regular firewood, meaning you get more heat for your money. The compressing process creates a log that is denser than non-compressed wooden logs and therefore has a higher heat output. The higher density of the pressed wood logs means that less air passes through the logs, resulting in greater combustion efficiency.

As a result, artificial logs produce more heat per unit of fuel than natural logs and firewood. Additionally, the wax and binding materials used further contribute to increased heat output. These materials are designed to burn slowly, which allows them to produce a longer lasting and higher heat output.

11) Low maintenance

Requiring minimal maintenance, artificial logs are easy to use and care for. The compact size of compressed logs means they are easier to store and are less likely to attract pests, insects, or mould. Because of the dense composition of the logs, they also require less frequent restocking.

Briquettes are an excellent choice for those looking to reduce the amount of time they spend maintaining their wood burning needs. Their high burning temperature means they create less smoke and ash, which makes them a smart choice for buyers looking to reduce the amount of cleaning and maintenance associated with traditional firewood.

Compressed wooden logs are both easy to light and have long lasting qualities

Compressed wooden logs are both easy to light and have long lasting qualities

12) Safe heating option

Briquettes are a safer option for heating than other fuel sources such as gas and oil. Briquettes are denser and burn more slowly than traditional wood logs, making them a safer option for home use. The slow-burning time allows for a more consistent, lower-temperature fire that produces fewer sparks and embers and is designed to be used in a variety of stoves and fireplaces.

They also burn cleaner, producing less smoke and ash. This reduces the amount of creosote build-up in the chimney, which is a frequent cause of chimney fires.

The logs burn hot and long, providing consistent heat for up to eight hours. This means that the fire can be safely left unattended for longer periods. Additionally, briquettes are easy to light and require minimal maintenance. Since they are already pre-cut and compressed, they can be easily stacked and stored in a smaller space than traditional logs.

Compressed sawdust logs

Although the above is focused on compressed wood logs (or briquettes) we need to give a special mention to compressed sawdust logs. They are primarily from compressed sawdust, with no additional binding agents required as the natural lignin in the wood acts as a binder. Compressed sawdust logs are created by compressing sawdust (rather than wood waste) at high pressures and temperatures, causing the lignin to melt and bind the sawdust together.

Compressed sawdust logs tend to burn longer than compressed wood logs but may not provide as consistent a heat output as briquettes. They are more commonly used for heating purposes in stoves and fireplaces due to their longer burn time. Just as with compressed wood logs, they are also eco-friendly as they utilise a waste product (sawdust) and typically do not require additional chemicals.

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