Best ways to use kiln dried logs in summer

If you think that kiln dried logs are mainly used in winter months, think again!  In fact, firewood plays an increasingly prominent role in helping us to bring the indoors out during the summer. Below are some ways to use kiln dried logs in the summer:

Woodfired Pizza Ovens

Woodfired pizza ovens are growing in popularity and make a great alternative to a barbeque. Apart from being the coolest on the block this is a great conversation piece and provides a clean burn with a high heat, ideally suited to creating the perfect pizza. These wood-fired ovens cook at very high temperatures, around 400 degrees, unlike domestic ovens that just can’t get that hot.


Perfect for camping, glamping or other outdoor adventures, let’s be honest, campfires are great fun at any age and will keep you warm on a chilly evening. Using quality kiln dried logs rather than foraging for sticks to fuel your campfire will ensure that you can enjoy your summer pastime without being drowned in a thick cloud of smoke ughhhh!

Fire Pits

Fire pits make a stylish feature to any garden and come in a variety of sizes and materials.  Firepits are perfect for creating that outdoor ambience, toasting marshmallows and providing cozi -heat to sit outdoors even after the sun has set.  Kiln dried logs burn easily and produce very little smoke, whilst minimising any errant ‘spitting’ of hot embers, making them the perfect choice to fuel a fire pit.


A wonderful way to bring a warm and cozi ambience to your patio, a chiminea will allow you to enjoy sitting outside for longer on fine summer’s evening.  Unlike a fire pit, the fire in a chiminea is contained. The smoke is then forced out of the chiminea which helps prevent your patio from getting overly smoky – though using kiln dried wood will also serve to reduce smoke.

Woodburning Stoves and Open Fires

It’s always useful to have a few kiln dried logs on hand in readiness to fire up your wood-burning stove or open fire on that unexpectedly chilly evening stay cozi brrrr!

17th May 2019

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