Experience the pinnacle of firewood performance with kiln dried hardwood logs. Renowned for their superior qualities, these logs surpass general expectations of new buyers. With lower moisture content, they ensure higher energy efficiency, enhanced heat output, and minimal creosote build-up. Enjoy consistent burning, effortless ignition, and extended burn time. Embrace the cleanliness, as kiln dried hardwood logs leave behind minimal residue and ash. Uncover the many advantages they offer and elevate your firewood experience to new levels of excellence.

The kiln drying process explained

Experience the precision of the log kiln drying process, a meticulous method that guarantees optimal moisture content in hardwood logs. Carefully placed within a purpose-built kiln, the logs are subjected to controlled temperature and humidity levels. This controlled environment facilitates gradual moisture evaporation while preserving the wood's structural integrity. The outcome is hardwood logs which have been kiln dried, these have reduced moisture content (lower than 20%), amplifying their combustion properties and overall performance. Embrace the advantages of this exacting drying process to improve your firewood experience.

Hardwood logs available from Cozilogs

Hardwood logs sold by Cozilogs (all of which are kiln dried!) include ash, beech, birch, hornbeam, oak as well as mixed hardwood bundles. Buy these in the exact quantity you require including nets, bags and crates.

What are the advantages of kiln dried hardwood logs?

After the kiln drying process, hardwood logs provide a range of benefits in comparison to alternative firewood options. Below, we explore these advantages in detail.

Pre-requisite assumption - storing and maintaining logs for longevity

To fully reap the advantages of kiln dried firewood logs, proper storage and maintenance are crucial. It is essential to keep the logs in a dry and well-ventilated area, protected from rain or excessive moisture. Ideally, they should be stored off the ground on a raised platform or pallet. Regularly inspecting and replenishing the stock will ensure the logs maintain their low moisture content and quality, maximising their efficiency and benefits. Read our blog on firewood storage solutions ideas for more information.

1)    Consistent burning

Another advantage lies in their consistent burning characteristics. Due to their lower moisture content, these logs ignite and burn consistently, offering a steady and reliable heat output. This enables better control of the fire, creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment. Moreover, their consistent burning promotes efficient fuel consumption, resulting in longer-lasting fires for extended warmth and satisfaction.

2)    Easier ignition

They are also easier to ignite, particularly when paired with kindling. This is primarily due to their lower moisture content. With reduced moisture, these logs require less heat to reach the ignition point, making them more responsive to initial flames. Their lower moisture content also aids in faster and more efficient combustion compared to other wood types.

Easy ignition of a fire is a real bonus and is delivered with hardwood logs which have been kiln dried

Easy ignition of a fire is a real bonus and is delivered with hardwood logs which have been kiln dried

3)    Environmentally friendly

There are numerous environmental benefits, which we summarise below:

a)    Improved air quality

Hardwood logs which have been kiln dried significantly improve air quality indoors and outdoors due to their low moisture content. This characteristic enables cleaner combustion, leading to reduced smoke emissions and a notable decrease in the release of particulate matter and harmful pollutants. Consequently, their use ensures healthier and more enjoyable environments for both indoor and outdoor settings.

b)    Lower carbon footprint

Utilising locally sourced hardwood logs that have been through the kiln drying process reduces the distance travelled for transportation, thereby minimising carbon emissions associated with fuel delivery.

c)    Sustainable and renewable

Cozilogs logs not only offer the advantage of improved air quality, but they are also obtained from sustainable and renewable sources. These hardwood logs are sourced exclusively from UK forests and woodlands. By sourcing locally, Cozilogs supports responsible forestry practices and reduces carbon emissions associated with transportation. Choosing Cozilogs ensures a greener and environmentally friendly option for your firewood needs with trees felled being sustainably replanted.

d) Efficient and clean burning

They generate lesser and cleaner smoke during combustion. The low moisture content of these logs ensures more efficient burning, resulting in reduced smoke emissions. This not only contributes to improved air quality but also reduces the build-up of soot and creosote in chimneys, minimising the risk of chimney fires and enhancing overall safe use.

e)    Reduced chimney maintenance

These logs produce less soot and creosote during burning, lowering the risk of chimney fires and decreasing the need for frequent maintenance.

f)     Preservation of natural resources

By opting for hardwood logs which have been kiln dried, the demand for non-renewable fuel sources is reduced, contributing to the preservation of precious natural resources for future generations.

There are many environmental benefits to using kiln dried hardwood logs

There are many environmental benefits to using kiln dried hardwood logs

4)    Higher energy efficiency

Hardwood logs which have been kiln dried demonstrate higher energy efficiency compared to logs with higher moisture content. The lower moisture content allows for more efficient combustion, as less energy is wasted on evaporating moisture. This results in a greater amount of heat output per unit of wood, maximising the energy efficiency of kiln dried hardwood logs and providing effective warmth and comfort in various heating applications.

5)    Improved heat output

Expect an improved heat output compared to logs with higher moisture content. The low moisture content of kiln dried logs allows for more efficient combustion, maximising the release of heat energy. As a result, these logs provide a higher and more consistent heat output, ensuring greater warmth and comfort in heating applications such as fireplaces, stoves, and outdoor fire pits.

6)    Longer burn time

Hardwood logs which have been kiln dried provide the advantage of longer burn time compared to logs with higher moisture content. The lower moisture content allows for a more efficient and sustained combustion process, resulting in a slower burn rate. This means that kiln dried hardwood logs can provide a longer-lasting fire, extending the duration of warmth and enjoyment. The longer burn time makes them a practical choice for heating applications, as well as for creating a cosy ambience during gatherings or relaxing evenings.

7)    Lower moisture content

In the UK, the lower moisture content quality of these logs complies with:

  • Laws - set by the UK Government, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and
  • Regulations - the Woodsure Ready to Burn certification scheme sets a maximum moisture content of 20% for firewood sold as "Ready to Burn." Using kiln dried hardwood logs ensures compliance with such regulations for a more sustainable and responsible approach to wood fuel

8)    Minimal residue and ash

They offer the advantage of minimal residue and ash production during burning. Due to their low moisture content, these logs combust more efficiently, leaving behind less residue and ash compared to logs with higher moisture levels. This not only reduces the frequency of cleaning and maintenance but also minimises the amount of waste generated. The minimal residue and ash make these logs a convenient and hassle-free option for heating and enjoying fires.

Minimal residue and ash are generated from burning hardwood logs which have been kiln dried

Minimal residue and ash are generated from burning hardwood logs which have been kiln dried

9)    The versatility of use and applications

Their versatility extends to numerous applications. They are ideal as firewood for fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, and outdoor fire pits. These logs also find great utility in home décor, whether as decorative displays, furniture, or shelving. In landscaping, they can be utilised for garden features or borders. Additionally, these logs are well-suited for crafting and DIY projects, allowing for their adaptable use across a wide range of purposes.

Conclusion - experience premium firewood performance in your home

In summary, revolutionise your home's firewood experience with the unrivalled performance of kiln dried hardwood logs. Cozilogs presents a game-changing solution that combines exceptional quality and remarkable benefits. Discover the pinnacle of firewood excellence with Cozilogs' premium offerings, providing heightened energy efficiency, superior heat output, and minimised creosote build-up. Do not miss out on the opportunity to transform your fireplace into a warm and inviting sanctuary. Contact Cozilogs today and experience the extraordinary difference first-hand.