Kiln dried logs have a number of advantages over other firewood sources. They do not take as long to transition from felling to firewood as seasoned wood. They also provide a cleaner burn and can generate more heat than other types of firewood. Kiln dried logs may be made from other woods, including oak, alder, birch, or ash. Let us have a deeper look at ash trees as firewood, and why so many people choose kiln dried ash logs for burning as their preferred firewood option.

Editor’s Note 7th November 2023 - This article was originally published in September 2021. Today’s update includes new sections "Is ash good to burn?" and "Is ash good firewood?" as well as various enhancements to improve content throughout.

Is ash good to burn?

Absolutely, ash tree wood is top-quality when it comes to what wood burns best. If you have a log burner or a wood burning stove, adding in some ash firewood is a solid move. Ash trees have many benefits and might just be nature's gift to the fire-loving crowd.

Ash wood for burning gives a steady flame that will keep your space toasty without a fuss. Plus, it provides low-smoke magic, so you are not going to set off the smoke alarm! All in all, if you buy ash wood from Cozilogs, your winter evening warmth is sorted.

Is ash good firewood?

Below we provide six reasons which answer the question “Is ash good firewood?” Read through and learn more about why ash is great for use in wood burning stoves, log burners, and open fires.

Ash trees make great firewood

Ash trees make great firewood

1)    Ash wood for burning

Fuel sources for fires give out different amounts of heat output. That heat is measured in BTU, or British Thermal Units. To figure out which wood gives off the best heat output, experts often look at how many BTUs are provided per cord, or 128 cubic feet of solid wood.

Of course, it is unlikely you will ever be storing that much wood in your home at one time! But it gives buyers a good idea of which types of wood will heat the home best. Ash firewood kicks out 24.2 BTU per cord, which is considered a high amount of heat for firewood.

In contrast, birch provides 2992 and alder around 2710, although these numbers can vary depending on the quality and age of the wood. Some types of oak can provide a little more heat than ash for the equivalent volume, so ash is not necessarily the hottest firewood available for kiln dried logs. However, ash wood for burning has other appealing properties which we will come onto now.

2)    Ash logs for burning create low smoke

One of the most desirable qualities of firewood, especially for the home, is that it does not produce much smoke and soot. Of course, it is always key to have a clean flue and a well-maintained chimney. But the less a wood smokes, the more appealing it is.

One of the keys to ensuring low smoke wood is to ensure it is fully dried before using it. Kiln drying wood removes a much higher level of moisture content than other methods. Combining this with the natural low smoke properties of ash makes them ideal partners for firewood.

3)    Ash is a low spark wood

How many times have you had a real fire burning merrily, and seen sparks flying? While this can be attractive visually, it is not always safe, especially around pets, children, or flammable homewares. Ash wood for burning is one of the firewood’s that produces very few sparks. This makes it the ideal choice for open fireplaces.

4)    Ash is a coaling wood

Some types of firewood will burn quickly away to nothing but ash, leaving you needing to replenish the fire frequently and at great expense. The best firewood’s produce “coals” - lumps of hardwood that glow and burn for a long time, producing good heat output to easily ignite new logs and keeping the fire going for longer.

Ash firewood produces reasonable coals, thanks to its hardness and density. There are other, harder woods that perform better in this category, meaning ash might not be the best choice if you want to keep a fire going all night, for example, in a wood-burning stove or similar.

However, ash wood for burning significantly outperforms many cheaper, softer types of wood in this regard. Conversely, ash does not produce a high amount of creosote. Creosote is the black, tar-like substance you may have seen building up around a fireplace or chimney. It’s a deposit caused by regular wood burning, but only some types of wood produce large volumes of creosote. Creosote can be flammable and it’s not great to have too much around your chimney. Regular cleaning normally deals with it, but you can help with the maintenance of your fireplace by investing in wood that naturally produces less creosote, such as ash.

5)    Ash has a pleasant fragrance

Regular users of an open fire or even outdoor fires will know that your fire smells very different depending on what you put on it. Some woods will have an almost caustic smell, while others can be fragrant, like incense. Ash firewood is a uniquely desirable wood in this regard because its fragrance is so mild, it’s barely there. This is ideal for homemakers or businesses who don’t want the noticeable smell of burning wood when using a wood burner.

6)    Ash is sustainable

You might be wondering – is ash good firewood from a sustainability perspective? After all, when purchasing the best firewood, whether for private or commercial purposes, you want to know that it is not literally costing the Earth. Sustainable forestry is critical to ensure that native trees continue to thrive. They offer a huge contribution to the ecosystem, providing homes for wildlife and soil structure and nutrition. As with all trees, ash trees also help prevent flooding and can even improve air quality, so ensuring they’re felled responsibly is good for everyone.

Ash logs sustainable forestry

Ash logs sustainable forestry

All our kiln dried ash logs for burning come from traceable and sustainable U.K. forests, meaning you can buy them with complete peace of mind. Because ash is one of our native trees that’s so sustainable, it makes it an ideal choice for kiln drying. The ash tree is a fast-growing tree, meaning new forests can be planted quickly to replace those that are felled. Ash is also self-seeding and incredibly hardy, meaning it needs a lot less maintenance than some other species to thrive.

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