If you're like most people, you probably use firewood to give your wood burner or open fire the ambience it needs. But if you've ever shopped for logs before, then you know that they can be pretty pricey!

Here at Cozilogs, we are experts in keeping your fires burning. Below, we have put together a guide as to how to find the most cost-effective kiln dried logs.

What are kiln dried logs in bags?

Kiln dried logs ensure that the moisture content of the wood is significantly reduced. Wet wood is classed as wood containing a moisture content of around 20 to 60 per cent. With kiln dried wood, this moisture content is consistently below 20 per cent, giving better quality wood for fires. Kiln dried wood improves the quality by eliminating rot and mould that may occur with wet wood stored for long periods, and it ensures that wood is compliant with the new updates to the Clean Air Strategy.

If you're looking for convenience, buying kiln dried logs in bags may be worth the extra cost. Although it seems like a big investment upfront, buying your kiln dried logs in bulk bags will save money over the winter season. This is the perfect choice if you're planning to have lots of fires. The selection of wood available includes ash, oak and mixed hardwood, so there's a choice for all budgets.

Why you should consider buying kiln dried logs in bags

Kiln dried logs are a great way to save money if you plan on having regular fires. And as mentioned previously, they also comply with the Clean Air Strategy by eliminating the majority of the moisture content. Additionally, there are many more benefits to purchasing kiln dried logs in bulk bags. These include:

  • The convenience of always having enough wood available for your fires.

  • Logs are conveniently pre-cut into various lengths to easily fit into most stoves or firepits.

  • They are ready to use without any preparation, straight from the bag.

  • Shipping is convenient because logs arrive at your doorstep.

  • The price per log is comparable with other options, like splitting your own wood or buying unkilned logs from the sawmill, which requires more work.


Where to buy kiln dried logs in bags

Kiln dried logs are readily available to purchase at most local supermarkets and petrol stations in small bags. However, this makes poor economic sense long-term, as the price of small bags will soon add up. The most economical way to purchase kiln dried wood is by buying in bulk from a local supplier. This is also the most sustainable option for reducing the distance to have the logs delivered.

At CoziLogs, we offer a range of options for kiln dried logs in bags. We supply oak, ash and mixed hardwood logs in large bags delivered straight to your door. Quantities range from 215 kg to 415 kg, and sizes of logs can be either 'chunky' for larger fires and a longer burn to the standard size for most stoves and fires. We always recommend having a mix of sizes for your fires as smaller wood helps start a fire, and larger logs can be used once the fire gets going.

How much do they cost, and are they worth it?

The cost of fuel is often overlooked when considering which type of source will provide heat and cook food most efficiently and economically without compromising quality and safety. One factor that should be considered when purchasing firewood is whether the wood comes in bundles or bags, as purchasing in bulk will reduce the cost of wood. This is ideal when the wood is used as a primary energy source for either your log boiler or fire.

Other things to consider when establishing the value of wood is the quality and source of that wood. For instance, here at CoziLogs, we sell only sustainably sourced logs made from 100% local virgin timber. All our logs are also BSL and FSC certified for quality. This means that the forest where wood is sourced is being sustainably managed, as certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and the wood itself is of a high enough quality to be registered for the Biomass Supplier List (BSL).

When to use kiln dried logs in bags versus regular firewood

Kiln dried logs are an excellent way to get dry firewood without having to cut down your own. You can also buy them in bulk which is convenient if you regularly use wood for fires at home or in your business. But what's the difference between kiln dried logs in bags and regular logs?

There are many other types of regular firewood, including:

  • Green wood – freshly cut wood with no moisture removed

  • Seasoned wood – air-dried to remove as much moisture as possible

  • Kiln dried wood – wood that has been quickly dried with the use of a kiln


It is not advisable to use green wood for fires as this type typically contains up to 50 per cent moisture. Not only is this not allowed given the new Clean Air Strategy, but it's also inefficient as a heat source and will lead to much more spitting from fires as the moisture is burned up.

Seasoned wood is the next best option. This wood has been cut and stored for long periods to have it fire ready. The quality of this wood will vary depending on how well it has been stored away from moisture. Kept well, seasoned wood can get below the 20 per cent moisture limit. However, if stored incorrectly, mould and fungus can take hold during the drying time. This will result in a much smokier burn, not complying with the Clean Air Strategy, and certainly not good for you to breathe!

As you can see, buying the correct type of wood is crucial because they burn differently. The choice you make will depend on your ability to store and care for wood long term or purchase ready-to-use kiln dried wood for instant use.


Kiln dried logs in bags are worth the money. Compared to seasoned wood, they give off more heat more efficiently. We hope our guide has provided you with all of the information you need to decide what type of log purchase is best for your needs. To order a bag of kiln dried logs today, browse our website.