Are you ready to level up your garden and make those backyard get-togethers even more awesome with our stylish log store ideas? We have a list of 35+ wood storage ideas and log stores that will make your space not only functional but look amazing too.

From chic lean-to sheds attached to your existing outbuildings to pyramid-shaped log stacks, there is plenty of variety here. These are not just practical ways to store your firewood; they will also give your outdoor space a stylish feel too.

If you are all about DIY, love to host garden parties, use a wood burning stove or log burners, or just enjoy a roaring fire, stick around. We are about to provide many indoor and outdoor log storage ideas that will completely change your firewood storage.

Editor’s Note: 13th December 2023 – This article was originally published on 28th October 2023. Today we have made a series of minor enhancements to further enrich the content.

Outdoor log store ideas

Do you want to add some interesting wood storage choices and outdoor log stores to liven up your garden? Why not think of outdoor log store ideas such as renovating a lean-to log shed that is attached to a fence or building a side log store to your current shed?

If those do not suit your tastes, think about outdoor log stores that are genuinely unusual, such as a log pyramid, an elevated rack with a roof, or a cylindrical log holder. These outdoor log stores ideas are more than just useful; they will also improve your garden’s décor. Read on to learn more in our outdoor log storage ideas section.

Log shed ideas

If you are the type of person who loves a DIY project and lives for garden fires and family & friend gatherings, then you need to get your firewood situation sorted. A premium shed with log storage capability will completely change the look of your garden and simplify your life. Read our log shed ideas below:

Shed with lean-to log store

How about extending your current shed with a lean-to log store? It is a great way to maximise the available floor space and keep your dry logs close at reach. You can complete this project in just a weekend, and this will make your life easier all year round. Or, if you prefer you could buy a ready-made shed with a lean-to log store online, as they are freely available.

Shed with a side log store

Another one of our log shed ideas to consider is adding a wooden log store to the side of your shed? This allows you to use the floor space within your shed as a log store while also providing a unique home for your logs whilst providing good air flow. It keeps everything in order, tidy, and ready for the next fire.

An example of a pyramid log store, this is an attractive way to store logs outside in the garden

An example of a pyramid log store, this is an attractive way to store logs outside in the garden

Other firewood storage ideas outside

You like to unwind by an open log fire but perhaps do not know what to do with the wood which needs to be neatly stacked. Listed below are some other firewood storage ideas outside for you:

  • Log pyramid or teepee - why not go one step further and construct a log pyramid using pallets or other wood? This triangular log store is an ingenious way to save floor space by using vertical space
  • Freestanding cylindrical log caddy - these contemporary pieces occupy less space. If you add some wheels, these also become mobile
  • Elevated log rack with a roof – take into consideration multi-level cascading shelving. This keeps your roof and your logs off the ground and your logs dry
  • Concrete block and timber log holder - you can create a sturdy log holder on a tight budget by using wood and concrete blocks. This should be completed in a single day
  • Railway sleeper log bunker - constructing a log bunker using railway sleepers is the ideal choice for those seeking a more rustic way of life. In addition to being exquisite, it is also incredibly robust
  • Stone-surrounded log pit - do you prefer an organic style and need suitable outdoor log storage ideas? Just add rocks to your log pit. It gives a rustic character and is easy to assemble
  • Tarpaulin-covered firewood mound – with this solution your woodpile only needs to be covered with a tarpaulin and fastened with rocks or poles, etc.,
  • Wire mesh and post log enclosure - your wood collection will remain secure and easily accessible with the final of our firewood storage ideas outside solutions. This is an easy do-it-yourself project that involves the use of a wire mesh and post enclosure
In a fireplace-adjacent log niche – logs are conveniently stored near the fireplace

In a fireplace-adjacent log niche – logs are conveniently stored near the fireplace

Indoor log storage ideas

OK so, maybe you have or have not sorted your outdoor firewood storage, but what about storing logs indoors? You do not want to just pile them in a corner; you want log stores that blend form and function. So, below we investigate some seriously stylish log storage ideas to stack your firewood indoors including small log store ideas:

1)   Wall-mounted log cubbies

These little “cubbies” are a perfect way to turn firewood into wall art. Plus, they are super convenient for grabbing a log or two on the go.

2)   Fireplace-adjacent log niche

Imagine having a dedicated space right next to your fireplace (or perhaps wood burner, or wood burning stove) for logs. Not only is this ultra-practical, but it also looks sleek (see the image above).

3)   Indoor firewood rack with kindling shelf

Keep all your fire-starting essentials in one place. A rack with a kindling shelf means you are always ready for cosy nights in.

4)   Decorative log display case

Talk about making a statement! A display case turns your logs into a centrepiece while also keeping them tidy and an ideal indoor log store.

5)   Vertical log column with glass front

This is next-level stylish and lets you see your woodpile in all its glory. It is like a showcase for your firewood!

6)   Foldable indoor log holder

If you are tight on floor space, a foldable log holder is the way to go. Fold it away when it is not in use; how is that for convenience?

7)   Industrial pipe and wood log shelf

If you are a fan of that rustic, industrial look, you will love this. The combination of pipes and wood is both sturdy and stylish, whilst also being a practical place to store some logs.

8)   Drawer-style firewood storage unit

Would you like sliding drawers for your firewood? A storage unit with integral drawers makes it easy to pull out exactly the amount of logs you need, maybe consider adding a kindling shelf as well.

9)   Built-in cabinetry log storage

Take it up a step with custom built in log store cabinetry. They blend seamlessly with your room and offer lots of storage space.

10)       Wrought iron log basket

A wrought iron basket is not just sturdy but also super chic adding a classic and timeless style. Log baskets like this enhance your living room décor instantly and will suit a rustic, traditional or even modern aesthetic. It is perfect when located next to a log burner!

Stackable storage bins with logs inside are suitable for use indoors and outdoor

Stackable storage bins with logs inside are suitable for use indoors and outdoor

Adaptable firewood storage solutions

Dragging logs from your garden into your house is a workout you no doubt did not intend. So, why not opt for storage solutions that work both indoors and outdoors? There is no more log juggling with these adaptable firewood storage solutions, which will keep your logs dry!

Log shelter ideas

So, you are stacked up on firewood and want log stores that are more permanent? Log shelters are a great solution. Designed to survive the unpredictable UK weather, log shelters are like fortresses for storing logs. With sloping roofs and a solid build, they do not just serve a purpose; they add value to your garden too. Think of it as “giving the VIP treatment” for your firewood.

An example of a rolling cart for firewood, you could try to make this at home

An example of a rolling cart for firewood, you could try to make this at home

DIY and homemade log store ideas

We appreciate that some of the best log store ideas cost a lot of money. If your budget is tight, or you are keen on DIY, why not try some of these homemade log store ideas? We would always advise using pressure treated timber where possible for longevity and low maintenance.

Many of these DIY log store ideas will also not be available commercially:

  • Canvas log carrier bag - not only portable but also foldable for ample space for storage
  • Modular log shelving - mix and match sections as you need them, add more later, or reduce in size as required
  • Rolling firewood cart - add some wheels to a sturdy frame and you have a rolling firewood cart (see the image above). Many different styles could be created
  • Slatted wooden rack with cover - add a lid or a canvas cover to avoid getting wet wood. This is one of our log storage ideas that is perfect for all weathers
  • Stackable storage bins - plastic bins are your friend, stack them high and store lots of logs, whilst maximising your vertical space
  • Wooden crate with handles - portable and easy to make, just grab some planks and add a handle for a convenient log storage solution
Convertible firewood bench, ideal for storage and as seating

Convertible firewood bench, ideal for storage and as seating

Other adaptable log storage solutions

When you need to switch log storage between indoors and outdoors, you will want outdoor log stores which are versatile. Consider this log storage that is not only practical but is also stylish:

  • Under-staircase log storage – keep your firewood neatly stacked under the stairs and make sensible use of the space with a narrow log store
  • Spiral log store – this is one of the best log store ideas and is a striking focal point for your firewood, a stylish way to store logs
  • Collapsible metal log rack - pop it up in winter, break it down in summer, a very easy and practical solution
  • Convertible firewood bench - sit on it, store logs in it. It is akin to the Swiss Army knife solution for firewood storage and avoids getting wet wood over time
  • Lidded storage box - stash your kindling in smaller boxes or store logs and firewood in larger lidded storage boxes
  • Galvanised steel tub – keep your wood dry, this is heavy-duty enough for the outdoors but still classy for the indoors too
  • Wheeled log trolley - roll your firewood right to where you need it, with a wheeled log trolley
  • Adjustable log holder – do you have an awkward space to fill? Various designs of adjustable log holders can be used to store your logs

Final thoughts

Sorting your firewood storage is essential to keep your wood dry if you are a garden log fire enthusiast, or perhaps need it for a wood burner, or wood burning stove. Consider converting your current shed into a lean-to wooden log store for a weekend project; it will save a lot of space and be incredibly useful.

Do you also want to store logs indoors? A log store we love is log cubbies that are fixed on the wall are both useful and beautiful. Look for multipurpose choices, such as a bench that can be used as one of our stylish wooden log store ideas.

Consider whether you need to alternate between interior and outdoor storage. Also, ask are you operating within a budget. Stackable bins and rolling carts are two inexpensive and DIY log store ideas, we would recommend. The bottom line is that there is a firewood storage solution for everyone, regardless of your financial situation. If you are into DIY, our homemade log store ideas would also make for an excellent birthday or Christmas present.

Always choose pressure treated timber and sustainably sourced timber (if you can afford it) for its durability qualities.

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