If you love to keep your home or workplace warm and cosy with a roaring fire, then it’s important to have a good stash of logs ready and waiting. Whenever you want to light your stove, boiler or wood burner, you can simply head to your wood store and get ready to enjoy the welcome warmth that a fire brings.

Ensuring you have a reliable delivery of logs is vital to keep your log stash well-stocked. Some of the most popular ways to purchase logs are in nets, crates and bags.

Bags offer exceptional value for money and we are often asked how many kiln dried logs are in each bag. So if you are burning with curiosity to know, here we explain how many logs you will receive.

How big is a kiln dried log?

Each of our logs is approximately 25cm (10 inches) long. This makes them the ideal size to slip into a log boiler, a wood burner or your open fire. They stack together neatly in wood stores and look fantastic piled up in baskets next to a chimney.

Below we talk through how many logs you will receive in each one of our kiln dried log bags.

Remember, as our kiln dried logs are produced from a natural product there will be slight variations in the size and weight of each log. The numbers below should be used as a guide as the exact number of logs in each bag may vary slightly. When you order a bag you will receive the weight specified on the product listing, ready to help you start your next fire.
Our kiln dried log bags are available in a selection of sizes. Whatever your bulk bag kiln dried log needs, we will have the perfect option:

Bulk bags

A bulk bag will provide you with a steady stream of logs to fuel your fires.

A single bulk bag weighs 215kg and contains approximately 300 logs. If you use five logs a night in your wood burner, this would provide you with enough logs to last for around two months. That’s plenty of fires to keep you warm and toasty!

If storage space isn’t a concern, why not consider dual bulk bags? These are laden with an impressive 415kg of logs, meaning you will have around 580 logs. As the nights draw in, you’ll never need to limit yourself when keeping your fire topped up.

Even if you have multiple stoves and wood burners to fill, this gigantic stash of wood will keep your fires burning for a long time. When you order a dual bulk bag you won’t have to ration yourself next time you want a roaring fire.

When ordering your bulk bag of kiln dried logs you can choose from mixed hardwood, oak or ash. Each one ensures an impressive fire, with great burn times. Because they have a moisture content below 20%, your logs will catch fire quickly and produce very few sparks. Smoke levels are also kept to a minimum, meaning you can sit back and relax, with no safety worries.

Barrow bags

Another option is a barrow bag. These are also available in mixed hardwood, ash or oak.

While these are similar in appearance to a bulk bag, they are smaller and slimmer, making them easier to move. Our barrow bags come in sets of four and, in total, they weigh between 220kg and 240kg. This means you will receive around 300 to 330 logs.

If you like to keep your living room toasty during the colder months, you might end up using around eight logs in your fireplace each night. Four barrow bags would therefore last you around five to six weeks.

How are bags of kiln dried logs delivered?

Your bag will be delivered to your chosen address by one of our helpful drivers in a tail-lift lorry.

The bag will be on top of a pallet, which is yours to keep. If you have a firm drive or entrance then our drivers can normally move your bag on their hand pump truck.

We can also arrange a curbside delivery, and you will be able to carry the logs to your wood store.

Other kiln dried log options

Alongside our popular bags, we also sell kiln dried logs in nets and crates.

Nets are another great way to purchase your next order of logs. They are a sensible choice if you have limited storage, as you can order them in small amounts. You can also keep the logs in their nets, which makes it easy to move them from one location to another in your home or workplace.

We sell a variety of kiln dried log nets, including mini nets and bulk nets, so you can order the exact amount you need.

If you have plenty of storage space you could choose a crate of firewood. We sell classic crates and giant crates, which will ensure your wood store is incredibly well-stocked. You can choose to keep them stored in the crate, or move them to your own storage.

Finding the perfect fuel for your fire

Whether you have a small log burner or stove or a huge open fire, you want to ensure you always have fuel available to keep your fire burning.

When you choose our premium kiln dried firewood you can start a fire confidently, enjoying a clean burn and a high heat output.

Whichever bag you choose, your logs will be sourced sustainably from responsibly managed British woodland. It will be local virgin timber, so you can be confident you are doing your bit to protect our valuable forests.

It will be kiln dried by us at carbon-neutral facilities, allowing us to dry the logs carefully and control the moisture content of each one.

Your new bagged logs will also be BSL/FSC certified timber and it will be certified ‘Ready to Burn’ by Woodsure.

So, if your wood store is starting to look a little empty, or you need to find a local supplier of kiln dried logs, CoziLogs can help. We deliver to homes and businesses all year round, at highly competitive prices. Choose the perfect bag of kiln dried logs from our range today.