A Step by Step Guide for How to Build a Log Store

So, you have got all your premium kiln-dried wood delivered, but you do not have a good place to store it. You cannot exactly just leave it outside as-is to face the elements with British weather being the way it is, so what do you do?

This is where having your own log store is a godsend. In the following article, we will advise you on the process of building a wood store without it costing you a fortune. Let us get started!

Before we begin, let us take a moment to do an inventory check on what equipment and tools you should have at your disposal.

The planning stage of your log store

As with any project or creative endeavour, it is best to have a solid plan. Before you start putting a hammer on wood, you should take a day or two to think about the how, the what, and the where of how to build a log store.

You should decide on the dimensions as this will determine how much wood you need, and how much space your log store will be taking up. In your log store plans, consider the size of the logs/wood that you wish to store in there in addition to the quantity of wood. Calculate how many logs you need to store for all your uses including a wood burning stove, log burner, outdoor BBQ, and other uses.

Consider a top-down view, a side view, and a front view in your log store plans along with your measurements.

Log store design ideas

Log store design ideas

Equipment and materials needed

Gather all the following equipment and all the materials before you start:

  • Your choice of timber, planks, and slats. Make sure these are kiln dried firewood and are designed for outdoor use
  • Clamps
  • Screws and nails
  • Tools such as hammer (or nail gun), screwdriver, saw and measuring tools
  • Roofing felt, plastic, or wood for the roof (based on personal preference)
  • Gravel or your choice of material for the foundation
  • Safety equipment

Note: If you are making a large wood store, it will be worth considering using a compound mitre saw as it will be more suitable for the job.

Tools to build a log store

Tools to build a log store

Step by step instructions

Read everything you need to know about how to build a log store with the following step by step instructions.

Step 1 - Build the frame and sides

Take your time cutting your choice of timber to create the frame typically consisting of four corner posts and beams for the top, middle and bottom of your log store.

At the start, depending on your chosen design, it may also be worth building the sides straight away.

Use your slats of wood and frame to create the sides of your wood store, one side at a time. It is advisable to drill small pilot holes in the slats to ensure that the wood does not split when fixing each of your slats to the wooden frame.

On the sides of your wood store, you should consider adding an angled pitch to allow rain to fall and not settle on the roof. This can be achieved by measuring exactly what angle you wish to have on the roof.

Step 2 - The base of your wood store

It is important that the base of your wood store is sturdy and can hold the weight of all the wood on top of it. Add an appropriate number of supporting noggins for the base (will change depending on the size of your wood store).

You should ensure your corners are using thicker noggins as your sides will be screwed to this section of the wood store.

How a log store might look like in a garden

How a log store might look like in a garden

Step 3 - The back slats

The rear frame of your log store should ideally consist of slats that are the same width as those on the sides. Start from the bottom working your way up one at a time until you reach the top part of the structure.

Depending on the length of your chosen design, it may be worth adding an additional upright timber batten to help provide added stability.

Step 4 - The roof and subframe

As the roof can be quite heavy, a subframe should be constructed to safely hold the weight. This will be connected securely to the sides and the back of the wood store.

Once you have completed the subframe, you are ready to fit your wood panels on top of it. As suggested by Silverline Tools, you could try using feather edge boards due to these being typically thicker on the one end, and thinner on the other. This will work well with the sloped roof design that we mentioned earlier.

Each piece of board should be overlapping the other (covering screws) and appear in a step-like formation. We have not described how to build a log store against a wall, but by following the above approach this will be possible.

Step 5 - Weather-proofing your log store

To protect log stores from the elements, you will want to treat your timber with a solution such as Timmersol or Thorndown Wood Paint. Note that it is important to do your own research first to determine which treatment is best for your type of wood, and design.

Weatherproofing a log storage shed

Weatherproofing a log storage shed

Typically, you will want to apply two coats of treatment to your wood store while considering a third for use on the roof area. This is due to the increased exposure to rain and UV light.

Optional extras

There are a few optional extras that you can fit to make your log store even better. Here are just a few suggestions.

Log store cover

If you would like some extra protection from the elements, you can consider a log store cover. These can be ordered online easily or bought from local DIY stores and can be made for your specific log store based on the dimensions submitted.

Log carrier bag

A log carrier bag comes in handy when moving logs from your log store to your fireplace. These come in various sizes and make for convenient transportation of firewood that is shielded from the wind and rain during transport.

Fireside log store

In addition to your main log store, you can also add a small fireside log store that is made from steel. These types of log stores are small and are to be kept at a safe distance from your fire while being close enough for convenient access.

The benefits of building a log store

If you are thinking about building a log store, you will want to learn the benefits to make your decision. It may be easy to lean towards buying a pre-built log store for convenience, but there are benefits to building your own from scratch.


Despite having to source your own materials and tools, it can still be more cost-effective to create your own wood store from scratch. There are many guides online including the one listed in our article that will help even a beginner get their own log store constructed.

Built to your own requirements

It can sometimes be difficult to find pre-made log stores that fit your exact requirements. Different people have different requirements based on the size of wood being stored, the aesthetic, and the size of the space available for your log store.

Building a wood store means you can get things exactly how you want them for your needs.

Guaranteed quality

One of the benefits of building a wood store yourself is that you can ensure the materials you use are of high quality and the workmanship too. You can take your time measuring and constructing your log store. Too many pre-made structures can be rushed using cheap materials to maximise profits.

Using the best materials and tools will ensure your log store is around for many years to come, and the treatment used is appropriate for your local weather conditions.

Makes for a fun family project

An additional benefit of creating your own log store is that it can serve as a great family project allowing everyone to get involved. Much like relaxing in front of the fire, having projects with a common goal facilitates building connections and bonds between those that you care about.

It is always nice to create something that will be around for years acting as a constant reminder of the time that it was created.


Owning a log store does not have to cost a fortune, it also doesn’t need top-tier DIY skills to build. If you are looking to store your wood outside and be protected from the elements, to build a log store is a must.

A common requirement for those looking to build a log store is finding out how to build a log store against a wall. The design we have covered in this article will be suitable for placements against a wall, or away from a wall. Building a wood store not only allows you to store your firewood but can facilitate drying any wet wood by allowing air to circulate through the stored logs.

Even if you are not looking to dry your logs ready for winter, a DIY log store is essential for those looking for proper storage of firewood in bulk ready to last them through the colder seasons. Finding a place to safely store your firewood can be challenging if you do not own a wood store and dedicated space outside of your house.

We hope this article has inspired you into building a log store. If so, please let us know how you get on in the comments section, or via our social media channels.

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