It’s always exciting to get a fresh delivery of kiln dried logs in nets, which will create a toasty fire to help keep your home or work cosy and warm.

We can help if you need advice on how to keep your kiln dried logs in their nets and ensure they stay dry. As experts in premium kiln dried logs, customers across the country trust us to deliver first-class logs to their door. Here’s our top tips on keeping your firewood logs in perfect condition:

Should I keep my kiln dried logs in their nets?

Many people prefer to keep their kiln dried logs in their nets, and this can work really well. It can make it easier to move the logs from their storage location to where they will be burned, whether that’s your open fire, stove or boiler. It can also make them quicker to stack, or to easily slip them into higher storage areas.

Equally, many customers choose to remove their kiln-dried logs from the nets they arrive in. Then they can be neatly piled into regimented stacks.

However you choose to store your kiln dried logs in nets, you should focus on keeping them in a dry location.

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Why is it important to keep kiln dried logs in nets dry?

By keeping your logs dry you will ensure they burn in the best possible way.

All of our premium kiln dried logs in nets have a moisture content that is below 20%, which ensures they catch fire quickly and easily, they burn for a long time and hardly produce any sparks. To ensure you enjoy this premium burning experience it’s important that your logs stay dry, and don’t get saturated with water.

If your kiln dried logs in nets are allowed to get very wet and aren’t dried out before use, it will affect how they catch fire and burn. You simply won’t get the high-quality burning experience you should receive with kiln dried logs.

How do I dry my kiln dried logs if they get wet?

Don’t panic if your logs in nets get a bit wet, perhaps from rain that has snuck into your log store. They will dry out quickly, especially if it is windy outside. The excess moisture in the logs will quickly evaporate, ready for you to place the logs on your next fire.

If one of your nets of logs gets very wet, perhaps from being left in a puddle of water for a long time, it is easy to dry them out. Try removing the logs from the net and laying them out in a dry area indoors for a week or so. If you have a dry, covered space outdoors where the wind can blow on the logs this will also help dry them.

How to keep your kiln dried logs in their nets and ensure they stay dry

Where you decide to store your kiln dried logs in nets will depend on the space you have available.

Storing your kiln dried log nets indoors

You could create a feature area in your home or workplace to store your nets of firewood; perhaps in an alcove, in a basket, or on shelves. This can be a really attractive and cosy way to display your wood, and makes it very accessible when you want to light a fire.

If you have a shed, a garage or an outbuilding you could make a wood storage area to stack your nets of logs. You could also keep them in a basement, as long as it is dry.

You can buy dedicated log storage, or even make your own out of old timber. Some people like to stack their nets of kiln dried logs on top of a crate. However you store them, aim to keep them away from any walls, as moisture can build up.

It’s also important to allow air to circulate around your logs, so avoid cramming the nets into small enclosed spaces. Fresh air will keep your kiln dried logs in nets in tip-top condition.

Storing your kiln dried log nets outdoors

Not everyone has the space to store piles of kiln dried log nets indoors. If you need to keep your firewood outdoors there are plenty of easy ways to keep it dry.

Keeping your kiln dried logs in an outdoor log store

Outdoor log stores are a sensible and popular choice to keep your kiln dried log nets dry. These typically have three sides and a roof, which will protect your wood from the elements.

Most log stores have open fronts, which will help ventilate your logs. Some also have shelves inside, which can be helpful if you are keeping your logs in their nets and want to stack them.

Building a store for your kiln dried log nets

If you are a dab hand at DIY then you could build your own outdoor structure to keep your log nets dry. You’ll want to craft something with a solid roof, which overhangs the area where the nets will be kept, to ensure rainwater doesn’t drip into them.

Create a solid base to avoid your logs sitting in groundwater. Even a few strips of wood will act as a barrier between your nets of logs and the moist ground.

If possible, add sides and a rear to your creation, which will help stop driving rain from getting in. You could add shelves to pile your nets of logs on, and can even add doors. Ensure there is plenty of ventilation, as it’s important that air can flow around your logs.

Don’t be tempted to use a plastic sheet or tarpaulin to cover your log pile. Condensation will form under the plastic, which will create a humid environment for your logs.

Ordering your kiln dried log nets

Remember, you can choose how many nets of kiln dried logs you would like to receive in each order. Once you know how much storage space you have to keep your logs dry, you can order the amount you need.

Some people opt for our mini nets of kiln dried British hardwood logs, while others choose to have a delivery of 20 or 40 nets. Whatever you choose, you will be able to enjoy a cosy, relaxing and warming fire in the comfort of your home or work.

Choose your kiln dried logs in nets from our store today.