There’s nothing better than relaxing in front of a roaring fire, watching the flames twinkle as they keep you toasty and cosy.

So it’s important to have a ready supply of firewood at your home or workplace, to ensure you can light a fire whenever you want, or keep your boiler or stove well-stocked.

As first-class suppliers of premium firewood, we can deliver your logs in a variety of different ways. Many of our customers come to us with the same question, nets, bags or crates: which is the best way to buy kiln-dried logs?

Today we will talk you through the different ways we can deliver your logs, to help you determine which will be the perfect solution for your home or work.

All of the kiln-dried logs you receive will be ready-to-burn kiln-dried hardwood firewood, which is certified by Woodsure. All of the timber will come from virgin UK woodlands and forests and is 100% traceable and sustainable.

No matter which option you choose, each log will be 25cm (10 inches) long. This is the perfect size to slip inside your wood burner, oven, stove or boiler and keep a hearty fire burning.

So, which will you choose, nets, bags or crates?

The benefits of buying kiln-dried logs in nets

Nets are a fantastic way to buy logs for your next fire. They each contain a mixture of logs made from ash, oak, beech and birch wood.

You can choose to keep your logs in the nets, which is helpful when moving them around and storing them on higher shelves. Or, remove them from their nets and stack them in your log store.

Nets are the perfect choice if your home or workplace has limited storage. Just order the amount you need, as often as you require.

Log nets are also a good option if your delivery address has gravel, a soft ground entrance or a drive. Because of the size and weight of bags or crates, our delivery drivers are unable to safely manoeuvre them on their hand pump trucks over gravel or soft ground.

We sell our kiln-dried logs in a variety of net bags:

Mini nets of kiln-dried mixed firewood

These contain approximately 14 British hardwood logs. Mini nets are perfect if you want to take a net with you when travelling or don’t require lots of lots and want to order a smaller number of bags.

Bulk nets of kiln-dried logs

If you get through more wood and have space to store it, consider purchasing your nets of logs in bulk. We sell packs of 20 or 40 nets, each weighing 10kg.

What about the benefits of bags of kiln-dried logs?

You can also choose for your firewood to arrive in bags. These offer incredible value for money and will ensure you are well-stocked with wood.

All of our bags are delivered by tail-lift lorries. They arrive on pallets, which we will leave with you, and you may like to use them to store your bags.

With all of our bag deliveries, our drivers will try their best to move your logs where you want them, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to move them across your property. Remember, you will need a firm drive or entrance, in order for our delivery drivers to safely drive their hand pump trucks.

If you would prefer we can arrange for a kerbside delivery, and you can move the logs to their new location.
If you want to get kiln-dried logs in bags at a fantastic price we have a variety of options:

Bulk bags

You can buy a bulk bag of mixed hardwood, or choose a bag of oak or ash. We also have an extra chunky mixed hardwood bulk bag. Each bulk bag weighs approximately 215kg.

If storage space isn’t a worry, why not save even more by opting for our dual bulk bags? Then you will always have logs available to start a fire.

Barrow bags

Our barrow bags look similar to bulk bags but are much slimmer. We sell them in packs of four, and placed together they take up roughly the same amount of space as a bulk bag. However, in comparison to a bulk bag, they are much easier to move and can be slotted into smaller spaces.

A delivery of four barrow bags will weigh a combined 220-240kg. This will really help keep your fire glowing in the colder months.

Jumbo netted pallets

A cross between a bag and a net, these are huge netted bags containing a whopping 640kg of logs. That’s nearly as much as three bulk bags.

Choose from mixed hardwood, ash or oak, and get ready to start a roaring fire!

Don’t forget about crates of kiln-dried logs

We also sell our very popular crates of kiln-dried firewood. These come in ash or oak and are packed neatly into wooden crates. Depending on your storage setup you may like to keep them in the crates, and simply lift out logs when you need them.

They offer superb value and are a fantastic way to ensure you are well-stocked for the winter.
Choose from these crates of logs:

Classic crates

These sturdy classic crates weigh 420kg and are packed with wood. Choose from ash or oak.

Giant crates

If storage isn’t a worry then why not choose a giant crate of wood? These mighty towers contain an impressive 720kg of logs.

However you choose to order your kiln-dried logs, you can rest assured you will receive fantastic quality wood when ordering with us. Whether you want a one-off delivery of wood or would like to arrange a regular delivery, we can help keep your home or business warm and cosy. We offer competitive pricing and prompt delivery across the country and would be delighted to help.

Order your next delivery of kiln-dried logs today!