Many people have a wood-fired stove in their homes now. When you consider what they offer, this is easy to understand. Wood-fired stoves give a cost-effective way to heat your property and stay warm. They also look very stylish and give any home a blast of instant charm. These stoves are also very relaxing to be around due to the flickering light and gentle heat they provide. There is nothing better than snuggling up in front of one after a long hard day!

Wood-fired stoves also come in a range of designs, and this makes it easy to find one that fits your existing decor. Many people will also use their stove for cooking tasty treats like baked potatoes. When you add all this together, it is clear why these stoves are so well-loved.

Of course, to get the most from yours, you need the right fuel to burn on it. This factor is even more critical when considering the current rules around what fuel you can legally burn on a stove. But what are the five best legal fuels for your wood burner?

Kiln dried oak logs

From little acorns, mighty oaks grow - and from kiln-dried oak logs, roaring fires begin! These logs are certainly one of the top choices in terms of fuel for wood-fired stoves. But why is this? For starters, oak is widely known as a wood that burns well and produces plenty of heat over long periods.

From heating your home with a wood burner to using it for cooking, this means it is an excellent wood to use. Kiln-dried oak logs come with a premium moisture level due to the drying process. This element not only makes them better for the environment but also able to burn more consistently. If you buy from CoziLogs, our kiln dried oak is BSL/FSC certified and made from the best quality timber.

stove firewood


Another great fuel for any wood stove is briquettes. Although you might generally associate them more with BBQ's, they are fine to use in wood-fired stoves as well. Briquettes are great value for money, simple to use and burn efficiently too.

Briquettes come from compressing by-products of wood into tightly packed brick shapes, making them easier to transport and store. This composition gives them more robust stability when burning and keeps the temperature they burn constant. This quality, in turn, means they usually burn for longer than some other types of fuel. In addition, briquette's are also simple to handle when building your fire and don't take up much room in terms of storage.

Kiln dried birch logs

As with oak, birch logs make great fuel for wood-fired stoves when kiln-dried. At CoziLogs, our kiln dried birch has a low moisture content of less than 20%. This factor enables them to burn cleanly, evenly and produce fewer emissions. They are dried in a kiln at our carbon-neutral facility to make them even kinder to the planet! Hassle-free to use, they are an efficient fuel for heating any home.

Our logs are also certified as 'Ready to Burn' by Woodsure. This authentication means you can start using them as soon as they are delivered. The high-quality timber these logs are produced from means they burn very easily, and this makes it simple to get a roaring fire going in your wood burner. Of course, birch has an attractive aroma to recommend it too, which is also a significant reason for its popularity.

Kiln dried ash logs

Wood-fired stoves come in handy all year round but especially in Autumn or Winter. When the nights draw in, and temperatures drop, they give a cosy way to stay warm. They can also cost a lot less than putting the central heating on! Ash is another popular wood you could use as fuel and has a fairly neutral aroma. Therefore, this is a good choice if you do not like wood, which gives off a strong smell when burnt.

Hardwood ash burns well and does not throw off many sparks whilst also producing good amounts of heat. As with our other kiln dried logs, we ensure we treat the ash we sell at our carbon-neutral drying facility. This process makes it an excellent option for staying warm while also looking after the environment. All our ash logs come from a sustainable source and have a moisture content of under 20% to reduce emissions. As the ash is a clean-burning wood anyway, it is an eco-friendly fuel for your stove.

Kiln dried alder logs

Another kiln-dried fuel to consider is alder. This wood is similar to oak in many ways but can sometimes be a little less expensive. Alder has an alluring, slightly sweet smell which is popular with many homeowners. It also burns a little quicker than other woods. This property can be handy if you do not want to keep your wood burner going all night or only want a fire for a short amount of time. Slightly softer than oak, alder still burns nicely and gives off a good amount of heat.

As a softer wood, alder also has a bright, lively flame and is easily lit. As a kiln-dried fuel, the low moisture content makes it relatively smoke-free and better for the planet. Therefore, this wood has an attractive orange tinge to it and is a visually appealing wood to have stored around the home.

Pick up your wood burning fuel from CoziLogs

At CoziLogs, we have all of the above fuel sources for your wood burner in stock to order today. Whether you have them delivered in nets, bags or crates, we are sure you will love the heat they produce and the clean burn they deliver. If you cannot decide on one alone to use, why not order up a mixed bag of our kiln dried logs? Order online with us at CoziLogs today or get in touch at [email protected] for more details.