Are you curious about the fascinating journey that premium quality hardwood firewood logs take from the forest to your fireplace? This captivating process involves a series of essential steps that ensure you receive the best firewood for a cosy and efficient home heating experience. Join us on this enthralling journey to discover the magic behind premium quality hardwood firewood logs as we guide you step-by-step from forest to fireplace.

1)  Sustainable tree planting

Sustainable tree planting initiatives play a vital role in promoting reforestation efforts, helping to replenish and conserve the UK's precious woodlands. By planting a diverse range of tree species, these initiatives ensure a resilient ecosystem, providing habitat for wildlife and contributing to the conservation of native hardwood species.

As these young trees mature, they act as natural reservoirs, sequestering CO2 and mitigating the effects of climate change. Moreover, sustainable tree planting enhances biodiversity by creating varied habitats that support numerous plant and animal species, contributing to the overall health of the environment.

2)  Tree felling and selection

The long process from forest to fireplace begins with expert tree felling and selection. Skilled professionals carefully identify mature and healthy trees suitable for harvesting as the best hardwood firewood.

They consider factors like tree age, size, and species, ensuring sustainability by selectively cutting only those trees that allow for natural regeneration. Utilising modern equipment and techniques, the felling process is conducted with precision and safety.

Tree felling and selection

Tree felling and selection

3)  Log extraction and transportation

The next step in the process is log extraction and transportation. Specialised equipment and machinery are employed to move the harvested logs from the forest to processing facilities. Efficient transportation is essential to minimise damage to the logs and maintain their superior quality. Dedicated transport teams work diligently to ensure timely delivery to the processing site.

4)  Log processing and sorting

Next, skilled workers meticulously inspect each log, removing any unwanted debris and ensuring uniformity in size. The logs are then cut into manageable lengths and split to facilitate efficient burning.

Through careful sorting, the firewood is categorised based on its quality, size, and burning characteristics. This process ensures that only premium quality hardwood firewood makes its way to the fireplace. The best hardwood to burn is selected providing optimal heat output, longer burning times, and a delightful wood-burning experience.

Log processing and sorting

Log processing and sorting

5)  Drying and seasoning

The crucial process of drying and seasoning the freshly processed hardwood firewood logs, including kiln dried logs is a vital stage. This step is essential to reduce the moisture content of the wood, ensuring optimal burning efficiency and minimal smoke production.

A maximum moisture level of 20% is mandated by the Woodsure Ready to Burn certification programme for firewood marketed as "Ready to Burn."

Alternative drying processes

There are two main drying processes:

  • Air drying - the firewood is stacked in well-ventilated areas, allowing natural air circulation to gradually reduce its moisture content. Depending on the wood species and size, firewood typically needs several months to a year of seasoning to reach the ideal moisture level for home heating purposes. Regular moisture content testing using a moisture meter is performed to determine when the firewood is adequately seasoned
  • Kiln drying - some premium quality firewood suppliers may use kilns to speed up the drying process. Producing kiln dried firewood (like we do at Cozilogs). Kiln dried logs ensure the firewood reaches the ideal moisture level for efficient burning in a shorter time frame than air drying does. Kiln dried hardwood firewood is much drier and less susceptible to fungal penetration and protect against pests and invasive species (if imported timber is purchased).
Logs going through a drying process

Logs going through a drying process

6)  Quality control and inspection

Rigorous checks are conducted to assess the firewood's moisture content, size, and overall condition, ensuring that only top-notch logs are delivered to customers. Experienced professionals carefully inspect each batch, rejecting low quality firewood that fails to meet the strict quality standards. This meticulous process guarantees that customers receive firewood that burns efficiently, produces minimal smoke, and provides long-lasting warmth for a delightful home heating experience.

7)  Packaging and distribution of best hardwood firewood

Choose packaging and distribution through Cozilogs direct to your doorstep, our delivery information is here. The process to order air dried and kiln dried wood from other suppliers would be similar:

Here is what we can offer:

  • Secure packaging - the premium quality hardwood firewood logs are carefully packaged to prevent damage during transportation, ensuring that they arrive in excellent condition
  • Efficient distribution network - we boast a well-established distribution network that allows for timely deliveries, ensuring you have a steady supply of firewood throughout the heating season
  • Eco-friendly packaging materials - our commitment to sustainability extends to using eco-friendly packaging materials, reducing our environmental impact
  • Convenient ordering process - customers can easily place orders online or by calling us
  • Nationwide delivery - our comprehensive distribution network covers the entire nation, enabling us to deliver premium firewood to your doorstep, no matter where you reside

8)  Storing and preparing logs for use

Storing firewood in a dry and well-ventilated place will help prevent moisture from seeping into the wood, which can lead to low quality firewood, inefficient burning and the production of excess smoke.

Before using your best hardwood firewood, it is important to prepare it for burning. Cut the firewood into suitable sizes that fit your fireplace or wood stove. Additionally, allow the firewood to dry for at least six months before use.

Proper seasoning is crucial for efficient burning and creating a warm, inviting ambience during the colder months. Seasoned firewood burns more easily and produces a steady, even flame, making it the ideal choice for a cosy fireside experience.

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Storing and preparing logs for use

Storing and preparing logs for use

9)  Igniting and enjoying the best hardwood to burn

Congratulations! You have now completed your journey from forest to fireplace, and it is time to ignite and enjoy the premium quality hardwood firewood you have selected.

Here are four essential tips to make the most of your burning experience:

  • Proper fire starting - to start your fire successfully, use kindling and small pieces of dry wood. Gradually add larger logs as the fire grows stronger. This method ensures a steady and slow burning fire
  • Maintaining the fire - once your fire is burning steadily, add logs at regular intervals to maintain a consistent heat output. Avoid smothering the fire with too many logs at once, use slower burning wood such as oak
  • Safety precautions - always follow fire safety guidelines, including using a screen or glass door for wood burning stoves and fireplaces to prevent sparks from escaping
  • Enjoy the ambience - as the flames dance and crackle, relish the cosy ambience and warmth provided by the best hardwood to burn. Gather with loved ones, tell stories, and create cherished memories around the fireplace
Logs Which Have Been Ignited

Logs Which Have Been Ignited


From the sustainable tree planting initiatives to the meticulous quality control and inspection processes, the journey of premium quality hardwood firewood logs is one that encompasses environmental responsibility and dedication to excellence. Reforestation efforts, coupled with selective tree felling and modern processing techniques, ensure a sustainable supply of top-notch firewood.

The drying and seasoning stage is crucial to achieving optimal burning efficiency and minimal smoke production. Thanks to Cozilogs' efficient packaging and distribution network, you will have kiln dried logs and firewood conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Now that you are well informed about the journey of premium quality hardwood firewood logs, your fireside experience is bound to be unforgettable! Remember to follow proper fire-starting techniques, maintain the fire consistently, avoid low quality firewood, and prioritise safety while enjoying the cosy ambience of the best hardwood to burn.

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