You might be wondering what is the best wood for burning? Possibly, also, what is the difference between kiln dried wood and timber. After all, wood is wood, right? In this article, we delve into the differences between these two products, helping you to understand how they are both unique and which wood burns the best. So, let us explore these two different and learn all about their benefits and unique properties.

Kiln dried wood in a log store, helping to protect from the wet

Kiln dried wood in a log store, helping to protect from the wet

Working definitions

Kiln dried wood and kiln dried timber are terms used to describe wood that has undergone a controlled drying process in a kiln to reduce moisture levels. We define each in more detail below:

A definition for kiln dried wood

Kiln dried wood refers to lumber or timber that has been subjected to a controlled drying process in a kiln. This process involves heating the wood to remove excess moisture, reducing its moisture content to a desired level. Kiln dried wood is commonly used for various applications, including as usable firewood, wood fuel, furniture, cabinetry, and smaller DIY projects. It offers improved stability, reduced risk of warping or cracking, and is more easily workable compared to green or air-dried wood.

A definition for kiln dried timber

Kiln dried timber, also known as kiln dried lumber, is wood that has undergone a drying process in a kiln to reduce sap levels and moisture. Unlike kiln dried wood, which is often used for smaller projects and indoor applications, kiln dried timber is primarily used for larger-scale commercial and industrial construction projects. It is known for its higher strength, durability, and load-bearing capacity. Kiln dried timber is commonly used for structural applications, such as beams, joists, and framing in buildings and other construction projects.

Kiln dried timber stored in a garden

Kiln dried timber stored in a garden

What is the best wood for burning? - The characteristics contrasted

View the table below to see some of the most common characteristics of both kiln dried wood and kiln dried timber and how they both contrast.

Kiln Dried Wood

Kiln Dried Timber

1. Used for various applications such as construction, woodworking, and DIY projects 1. Primarily used in fine woodworking, cabinetry, and specialised projects
2. Reduced moisture levels for improved stability and reduced risk of warping or cracking 2. Controlled drying process for optimal moisture levels and dimensional stability
3. Suitable for general-purpose applications where strength and stability are important 3. Preferred for projects requiring precise dimensions and exceptional strength
4. May still contain knots, imperfections, and variations in colour and texture 4. Often selected for its uniform appearance and absence of defects
5. Can be sourced from various types of wood species 5. Typically sourced from high-quality wood species
6. Available in a wide range of sizes and grades 6. Often available in specific sizes and grades to meet specialised requirements
7. Can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications 7. Primarily used for indoor applications
8. May have a lower price point compared to kiln dried timber 8. Generally higher in price due to the specialised drying process
9. Can be easier to find and purchase from local suppliers 9. Often sourced from specialised suppliers or mills
10. Can be DIY or commercially kiln dried 10. Usually professionally kiln dried

Exploring the benefits of kiln dried wood and timber for burning

Understanding the potential of kiln dried wood and timber creates a host of advantages when it comes to your best wood for burning requirements. From superior heat output and increased energy efficiency to reduced emissions and environmental sustainability, both options offer remarkable benefits.

In general, kiln dried wood is highly suitable for burning due to its low moisture content, which allows for efficient and clean combustion. It provides a consistent and good heat output, making it ideal for residential heating, use in a wood burner, wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, and other applications that require a reliable and efficient fuel source.

Timber dried in a kiln, burns slowly, extends the warmth while creating a charming rustic vibe. Whichever you choose, the benefits of kiln drying techniques are unrivalled and they both help you to experience all that they offer.

General assumption about burning kiln dried timber

Kiln dried wood is generally recommended as the best firewood. It still significantly depends on the tree species bought though, as burning efficiencies vary enormously.

Kiln dried timber is generally not recommended for burning as it is typically used for construction purposes. It also costs more than kiln dried wood. The rest of this article focuses on contrasting the two, should you choose to burn kiln dried timber.

Analysing the burning behaviour of kiln dried timber and wood

When it comes to choosing the best wood for burning, they both exhibit distinct characteristics. Wood that is kiln dried ignites swiftly, producing a vibrant flame that radiates warmth and makes good firewood. The many benefits of kiln dried wood include its uniform appearance and lower moisture which helps to improve burning efficiency maximising heat output.

Placing Logs on a Fire

Placing Logs on a Fire

On the other hand, kiln dried timber burns slowly, creating a steady, long lasting open fire. The varying moisture levels contribute to its unique burning behaviour, making it an excellent choice for those seeking extended burn times. Whether you want a fire that burns quickly or a fire that will burn slowly, both options will cater to your desired burning experience.

Examining the visual appeal

Aesthetics play a significant role in the choice between wood dried in a kiln and kiln dried timber and it is one of the main benefits of kiln dried wood. Wood dried in a kiln boasts a refined and consistent appearance, characterised by smooth surfaces and even grain patterns. Its sleek and contemporary look adds a touch of sophistication to any setting. This means that it looks beautiful, even when stacked alongside a fireplace in the home.

In contrast, timber dried in a kiln highlights the natural beauty of wood with its unique textures, knots, and grain variations. The rustic feel that it exudes adds warmth and character to spaces, giving that campsite feel. Choose between modern elegance or a timeless vibe, depending on your desires when it comes to how you like your usable firewood to look.

Comparing the sustainability

Sustainability is a real focus at Cozilogs', and both timber and wood dried in a kiln align with our commitment to environmental responsibility. Kiln dried wood production involves careful sourcing from responsibly managed forests, minimising ecological impact. It offers an eco-friendly alternative by using leftover wood residues and reducing waste.

Similarly, timber dried in a kiln production prioritises sustainable forestry practices, ensuring a renewable supply of timber for future generations. With both options, you can embrace guilt-free burning, knowing that your choice contributes to the preservation and conservation of our natural resources.

Wood Burning Fiercely

Wood Burning Fiercely

The differences in storing and preparing wood and timber

Storing and preparing wood dried in a kiln and kiln dried timber require unique considerations. Kiln dried wood, with its lower moisture content, demands minimal storage space and can be conveniently stacked indoors. Its consistent size and weight make it extremely easy to handle and transport.

Timber dried in a kiln's higher moisture content requires correct ventilation during storage to prevent mould and decay. It is ideal for outdoor storage, allowing for air circulation. Before use, both options require proper seasoning and preparation to optimise burning performance.

Tips for storing and caring for your wood and timber

Read through our tips, which will help avoid burning wet wood:

  • Store kiln dried wood in a dry, well-ventilated area to maintain its low moisture level.
  • Stack kiln dried wood in a neat and organised manner, ensuring proper airflow between the kiln dried
  • Cover the top of the woodpile with a waterproof tarp to protect it from rain or snow.
  • Before using kiln dried wood, allow it to acclimatise to room temperature for optimal burning performance.
  • To prepare kiln dried timber, ensure it is stored in an outdoor area with adequate ventilation.
  • Before using kiln dried timber, allow it to season in an open-air space to reduce moisture content and enhance burn quality.

Heat output and burn time - evaluating performance

Good heat output and burn time are vital factors when considering wood dried in a kiln and timber for heating purposes. Wood dried in a kiln excels in generating immediate and intense heat, providing a cosy environment within moments. Its lower moisture content ensures efficient combustion, providing more heat output.

Kiln dried timber, with its slow burn rate, offers a more prolonged heating experience, ideal for extended periods of warmth. Choose the option that meets your specific heating needs (e.g., a log burner), whether you seek instant comfort or a steady heat source that lasts a while.

The ease and efficiency of igniting both

When it comes to ignition, kiln dried wood takes the lead with its exceptional ease and efficiency. Reduced moisture levels help to speed up the ignition, saving you time and effort. With proper kindling, you will witness a vibrant flame that creates warmth and elegance. Timber dried in a kiln requires a bit more patience and care during ignition, but it rewards you with a lasting and slow burning fire that adds charm and ambience. Embrace the simplicity of good firewood dried in a kiln or indulge in the slower process of igniting timber dried in a kiln—either way, both will eventually deliver a satisfying fire.

How wood and timber dried in a kiln create unique food tastes

Choosing the best wood for burning will enable you to enjoy grilling and smoking foods on wood burning stoves and BBQs. Good firewood dried in a kiln gives off a distinct smoky flavour, enabling you to create foods that taste great. The choice of wood, such as oak or other woods adds a unique touch to your grilled or smoked dishes and is great to use in a wood burning stove.

Timber dried in a kiln, burns slowly, provides a more extended exposure to the smoke, infusing a deeper and richer flavour. Whether you prefer the bold and intense notes or the subtleties, Cozilogs has the perfect kiln dried wood to enhance your culinary journey.

Stacked Logs Burning Neatly

Stacked Logs Burning Neatly

Indoor versus outdoor applications - choosing between kiln dried wood and timber for different situations

Consider the application when deciding between wood or timber dried in a kiln and timber for indoor and outdoor use. Wood dried in a kiln excels in indoor settings, providing immediate warmth and a relaxed setting. Its convenience, low smoke emission, and efficient burning make it perfect for cosy evenings by the fireplace (especially compared to burned green wood) and reduce the risk of a chimney fire.

On the other hand, kiln dried timber might become the preferred option in outdoor scenarios, enhancing outdoor gatherings and cooking experiences (e.g., wood burning stoves). Its extended burn time and aromatic smoke create an inviting atmosphere for socialising and grilling.

Kiln dried logs sold by Cozilogs

If you are looking to buy the best wood for burning, we strongly recommend our selection of kiln dried logs, which are all good firewood options here at Cozilogs. Hardwoods are a more efficient fuel source, we sell a range with diverse characteristics that make them ideal for use as wood fuel, also in log burners, wood burning stoves, fire pits, in an open fire and other wood burning devices.

The table below summarises Cozilogs’ kiln dried firewood log options:

Wood type Unique characteristics as kiln dried logs for burning
Alder Kiln dried alder logs are known for their quick ignition, producing a good flame, burns quickly, and provides a moderate heat output for a cosy ambience
Ash Kiln dried ash logs offer a long burn time, high heat output, and a steady flame, making them an efficient choice for sustained warmth
Beech Kiln dried beech logs provide a steady and even burn. Beech wood produces a good heat output and a pleasant fragrance, creating a welcoming atmosphere
Birch Kiln dried birch logs ignite easily (and even burns unseasoned!), producing a bright and lively flame, and provide a good heat output, perfect for smaller heating spaces
Hornbeam Kiln dried hornbeam logs are a popular choice for firewood as they burn well and provide a long-lasting heat. They have high energy content and produce minimal smoke
Oak Kiln dried oak logs are renowned for their lasting heat, high heat output, long burn time, and glowing ember bed, making them ideal for larger heating areas
Mixed Hardwood Kiln dried mixed hardwood logs are a blend of various hardwood species offering a versatile option of faster burning wood and slower burning woods


Avoiding low-quality firewood

When buying online from Cozilogs you are guaranteed of always buying excellent firewood. We source various types of wood, but only the best hardwood, meaning you do not need to research, such as other woods to buy and avoid buying woods which burns poorly.

Not all hardwoods are equal, we recommend avoiding buying the following low-quality firewood in particular - aspen, box elder, elm cottonwood, poplar, and willow. The reasons vary but can include little heat generation, little flame, burns fast, spits excessively, etc.,

Which of our kiln dried logs will you buy?

Which of our kiln dried logs will you buy?

Come and find out more

From delivery to finding out more about our best firewood products, you can always get in touch with us to discuss your needs. We are always on hand to share our experience and knowledge about choosing the best wood for burning and lasting heat. This will enable you to make an informed decision on your next purchase and understand how to buy the best firewood. Also learn about the benefits of kiln dried wood, such as creating a slow burning fire. Why not give us a call on (01905) 954 736?