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Are you looking to buy premium wood briquettes or high-quality heat logs in bulk? Look no further than Cozilogs! We have a range of options for those looking to buy a wooden briquettes pallet online - and they all come with free delivery across the UK mainland. So don't delay, get browsing below.


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Buy briquettes from Cozilogs

If you seek a wood fuel source that is both efficient and effective for most stoves (e.g., wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves), log burner, an open fire or for your barbecue - have you considered using wood briquettes?

Both types are made using compressed wood by-products, and the fact that they are compressed means that they burn more stably. Their burning temperature stays steady - and for a longer period of burn time than their traditional firewood logs or lump charcoal counterparts - which is why they're a favourite for many.

Are you looking to buy a wood briquette? Then have a browse of the range for sale at Cozilogs. We have a range of fuel efficient briquette pallets on sale right now. Not only are they easy to store and handle, but they're available all year round. They are not only good for your open fires but also for the environment, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and contributing to the circular economy. What's more, they're great for your bank balance if you're looking for an affordable way to heat your home.

Check this page periodically as we update it with new products such as bags and pallets of wood briquettes.

How are wooden briquettes typically made?

The first part of the process is to collect briquette materials, which are typically wood chips, wood shavings, and sawdust. These are often from a sawmilling process and are dried to reduce their moisture content. After drying, the particles of wood are ground into a fine consistency.

To make mechanically pressed briquettes (also sometimes called eco logs, fire logs, heat logs, or hot logs), the ground wood is fed into a briquette machine where 10,000psi of pressure is applied, at high temperature. This compresses the wooden particles and once formed, the wood briquettes are cooled, which strengthens their structure and makes them ready for use as highly compacted "logs".

However, beware of BBQ briquettes tend to include certain additives to help them to be lit more easily and burn more consistently.

Looking for bulk? Buy a pallet of briquettes

We recommend buying our pallet of mechanically pressed briquettes. A full pallet of specially manufactured wood briquettes (or heat log) weighs in at around 960kgs, this is an excellent purchase if you are looking to buy around a ton of incredibly dense wood.

This crate has a lose volume of 2.2³ and dimensions of length 1.2m x width 1m and x height 1.2m. With a low moisture content of less than 12%, our highly calorific and very dense briquettes provide clean burning as well as a high heat output and are ideal for use in wood stoves.

Currently, you can buy the following sizes of briquettes online from Cozilogs:

Free delivery is available throughout the mainland UK in around two to three days on all of our pallets. In terms of environmental benefits, our pallets of wooden briquettes are made from 100% virgin wood sources. Each pallet is traceable to its origins and all our woodlands and forestry are from sustainable resources. We do not stock bulk bags of wood briquettes, but our pallets will give you exactly the quantity you need!

How can you assess the quality of heat logs?

When you buy wood briquettes (also often called heat logs), look for options that are made from 100% wood. Ensure that your wooden briquettes don't include any contaminants, like paint, creosote, or glue, which could affect how they burn and the fumes they give off.

Choose wooden briquettes that have a low water content (under 20% is preferable), and which are well compacted - if they aren't hard enough, they will burn more quickly and work out more expensive in the long run. Hardwood briquettes are generally considered the best, as their incredibly dense wood content means that the briquettes burn hotter and burn longer (usually for up to four hours) than softwoods.

Where you can use them

Wooden briquettes are very versatile, both for business and home use. One briquette is approximately 25cm (10 inches) in length and 10kg in weight. Our wooden briquettes are recommended for use in log boilers,  fire pits, open fires, and wood burning stoves (and multi fuel stoves) alike. Due to their size, they are particularly suited to use in smaller stoves.

Use them in the same way as logs: start the fire with wood kindling, and firelighters for easy lighting then add the wooden briquettes when the fire has built up. They can either be mixed with logs or burned by themselves. To add heat to an existing open fire, add wooden briquettes to the hot embers.

What are the benefits of using wood briquettes over other types of wood?

There are many benefits to choosing wood briquettes over logs. Firstly, they are cost-effective: for every £1 you spend, you will enjoy 50% more heat from wooden briquettes than from kiln dried firewood or logs. Wooden briquettes are also good for your chimney and generate less smoke, thanks to their low moisture content. They are also good for the environment as they're made from wood that could otherwise have gone to a landfill.

Our briquettes are sustainable and environmentally friendly

We mentioned the environmental benefits of our virgin wood fuel previously, i.e., they are certified Ready to Burn and are from sustainable British sources, including forests and woodlands and are fully traceable.

Virgin wood refers to wood that comes directly from forests and has not been processed or used before. This type of wood is in its natural state, without any alterations or treatments that are commonly associated with recycled or reused wood. We also use virgin wood for our kiln dried firewood products.

Recycled products are made through the compacting process described previously in the “How are briquettes made?” section. These are environmentally beneficial as if they were not recycled, they would simply have ended up in landfill, and nobody wants that to happen!

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Cozilogs understands you may need clarifications or have questions about our fuel efficient briquette (heat logs) alternative fuel or indeed any of the kiln dried traditional firewood logs we sell. If that is the case, contact us before you buy wood briquettes online from Cozilogs. Call us today on (01905) 954 736. Messages can be emailed to sales@cozilogs.co.uk or send a structured message through the contact form located on our contact page.

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