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Enjoy BBQ cooking with family and friends with our great range of outdoor grilling BBQ fuel products including BBQ wood, pizza oven logs, briquettes, and charcoal.  

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  1. The Chiminea pack
    The Chiminea pack
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  2. The Summer Pack
    The Summer Pack
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  3. The Pizza Pack
    The Pizza Pack
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  4. The BBQ Pro Pack
    The BBQ Pro Pack
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  5. Big K Instant Light charcoal
    Big K Instant Light charcoal
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  6. Big K Lumpwood BBQ charcoal
    Big K Lumpwood BBQ charcoal
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  7. Big K lumpwood Charcoal twin pack
    Big K lumpwood Charcoal twin pack
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For a safe and fun garden BBQ buy reliable BBQ cooking products from Cozilogs. Imagine sizzling sausages & burgers, the unique tastes of barbecued food, the tantalising smells in the air, happy chatting – you get all of this with a family BBQ! Buy our range of BBQ wood, pizza oven logs and charcoal today, which are all perfect for your next family BBQ.

BBQ cooking and outdoor grilling products available at Cozilogs

We have a range of great wooden BBQ fuel and outdoor grilling products available; these are discussed below:

1) BBQ wood (for smoking)

Increasingly popular at BBQs is the use of BBQ wood chunks. We cannot recommend these highly enough, which is why we provide them through our BBQ Pro Pack and Summer Pack, see below.

BBQ wood chunks are an excellent option for smoking at BBQs. They burn (smoulder) slowly, releasing a steady and continuous flow of smoke and infusing a rich and smoky flavour into barbecued food. These are ideal for longer cooking times and are adaptable for smoking of meats, fish, and vegetables.

2) Kiln dried logs

These are excellent as BBQ fuel because of their low moisture content, which enables them to ignite more quickly and consistently. This creates a high temperature and cleaner burn, whilst also reducing smoke as well as soot and tar build-up in the BBQ. With kiln dried logs the BBQ food also cooks evenly and has enjoyable flavours you get when burning with wood.

From our kiln dried logs range, we particularly recommend alder, ash, beech, birch, and oak, which are all great for BBQ use. Read our article, which explores the unique characteristics of each of these hardwoods. All our logs are kiln dried and supplied with a moisture level below 20% and are cut to 25cm (10 inches), which is perfect for many BBQs.

3) Pizza oven logs

Pizzas have increasingly become a firm favourite at BBQs in recent years. Whether you use a pizza oven or a conventional BBQ, The Pizza Pack from Cozilogs is a great buy. This contains 20x hardwood kiln dried logs (split to the perfect size), a box of firelighters and an 18KG box of kindling.

4) Charcoal

Charcoal is an age-old favourite for use as BBQ fuel. Two main benefits of charcoal are its ability to reach high temperatures quickly and its ability to impart a distinctive smoky flavour that only charcoal can produce. Perfect for the outdoor grilling of steaks and ribs in particular, charcoal is a natural product, especially in lump charcoal form. Products available from Cozilogs are:

  1. Big K instant light charcoal
  2. Big K Lumpwood charcoal
  3. Big K Lumpwood charcoal – twin pack

5) Briquettes

These burn for far longer than BBQ wood or charcoal. They also burn more consistently. The uniform shape of briquettes is another advantage as it regulates temperature and simplifies the BBQ cooking process. Briquettes are also known for producing less smoke and providing an enjoyable and tasty grilling experience. Buy virgin wood briquettes here, with options including a full pallet, half pallet and quarter pallet

6) Other BBQ fuel special packs

Rather than buying wooden logs, charcoal, firelighters, kindling and wood smoking chunks separately why not buy our other special packs? You will then receive assembled product collections and be ready to BBQ:

  1. The BBQ Pro Pack – this competitively priced special pack gives you everything you need for a BBQ including a 10KG bag of Big K lumpwood charcoal, 25 firelighters, and 8x wood smoking chunks
  2. The Chiminea Pack – although designed specifically for chimineas, this pack is also suitable for use in BBQs where you are looking to use BBQ wood. With this pack, you will receive a box of small hardwood kiln dried logs, 10 firelighters and a bag of kindling
  3. The Summer Pack – enjoy summer BBQs with this pack! You will receive 2 bags of Instant Light Big K charcoal, 4 bags of 10 kiln dried hardwood logs, a box of 25 firelighters, a pack of kindling and 8x wood smoking chunks

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