BBQ Wood (Smoking Wood)

BBQ Wood (Smoking Wood)

Enjoy family BBQs with the smoky taste you love when you cook with BBQ wood. We have a great range of wood for smoking food at BBQs that you, your family, and your friends will love.  

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If you are looking to buy BBQ smoking woods, then Cozilogs is the right place to visit. Smoky BBQ food has its own unique taste but needs the right smoking logs to achieve the taste. Read on below as we explore our offerings of kiln dried smoking wood logs and BBQ wood chunks.

What are the best BBQ smoking woods?

We answered this question in our article “How Outdoor BBQ wood logs enhance your grilling experience and unlock the flavour”. We listed the top 10 BBQ smoking woods, of these we sell 6 of them, which in alphabetical order are:

  • Alder – choose alder wood for a milder delicate smoky flavour, which is also slightly sweet. Alder perfectly suits seafood (lobster, scallops, shrimp, etc.,) and oily fish (e.g. mackerel, salmon, trout, etc.,) BBQ dishes
  • Ash - this provides a subtle smoky flavour. Choose ash as a good all-rounder, a smoking wood which ideally suits a large selection of grilled foods, including meats and vegetables
  • Beech - gives a mellow and delicate smokiness. Choose beech logs for BBQing chicken, pork, turkey, and vegetables
  • Birch - this imparts a delicate and slightly sweet taste. With a pleasant aroma, birch is a fast-burning firewood is excellent for BBQing pork and poultry (e.g. chicken, duck, and game birds)
  • Hornbeam - one of the popular BBQ smoking woods, which gives a gentle and mildly sweet taste. Hornbeam logs work best when BBQing a variety of meats, especially beef (various cuts) and pork shoulders and ribs
  • Oak - delivers a stronger BBQ flavour with this longer-burning hardwood. Choose oak logs for high heat output and adding a rich smoky flavour to both meats (especially beef brisket, lamb, and pork ribs) and vegetables

Are there advantages to using mixed hardwood log bundles for BBQ cooking?

Yes, there are several distinct advantages. As we said above, each hardwood offers a unique flavour. Through buying mixed firewood log bundles you create a more complex and enhanced taste profile that is impossible to achieve with just one wood. Mixing hardwoods also has benefits in terms of ease of ignition, varying heat outputs and mixing faster-burning and slower-burning woods. Browse and shop for our mixed firewood logs, by clicking here.

BBQ wood chunks

We do not sell wood chunks separately, but they are available in the following special packs:

  1. The BBQ Pro Pack – this low-priced special pack contains 8x BBQ wood chunks. Also included is a 10KG bag of Big K lumpwood charcoal and 25 firelighters
  2. The Summer Pack – this larger pack also contains 8x BBQ wood chunks. Also included is BBQ wood for smoking food in the form of 4 bags of 10 kiln dried hardwood logs, as well as 2 bags of Instant Light Big K charcoal, and a box of 25 firelighters

Other BBQ products

Our emphasis on this page has been BBQ wood and smoking wood. For details on other BBQ products in detail visit our BBQ Cooking and Fuel page. Briefly, though, other products to mention are:

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