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If you are looking for pizza oven logs and want service and prices as tasty as the Italian-inspired feasts that you cook, then you have come to the right place. Shop below and view our great value premium kiln dried logs for pizza ovens, wood fired ovens, and log burners.


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Always choose kiln dried wood for pizza ovens

We only supply the highest quality kiln dried logs for pizza ovens. And we only sell at the best possible prices, leaving you free to enjoy shopping for your pizza oven logs almost as much as you’ll enjoy cooking up a storm with the superior heating power, they provide... We did say, almost!

Don’t be tempted to cut corners when it comes to searching for “logs for pizza oven”. If you don’t buy your pizza oven wood and logs from a reputable supplier, then you could end up with a very bad taste in your mouth – or worse! The wrong types of wood can actually be really dangerous for your health, which is why you need a supplier you can trust, a supplier like Cozilogs.

Looking to buy logs for pizza ovens? Why choose Cozilogs 

All of our kiln dried wood for pizza ovens has never been painted, laminated, or pressure treated and, therefore, have no toxic chemicals to taint your cooking.

You also won’t have problems with woods with an overly high sap content. This is important as this type of wood will produce creosote and soot, clogging up the log grate of the pizza oven, coating your pizza oven’s floor with dirt and posing a risk to your health.

Instead, our oak logs for pizza oven use, and all the other logs we supply for this purpose, are 100 per cent safe for cooking. This is why they are popular with pizza restaurants and home chefs alike! Our logs are also guaranteed to be insect free and also have a moisture content of less than 20 per cent to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Why is low moisture content important?

The moisture content is extremely important when it comes to choosing the right kiln dried wood for large pizza ovens.

This is because if your wood has too much moisture in it, your fire will have to spend time drying out your wood rather than heating your oven. This can lead to excessively long cooking times and poor recipe results. It can even be dangerous if you end up eating undercooked food. All our logs have less than 20% moisture content and enable you to cook at the optimum temperature. 

Our hardwood logs, with their low moisture count, will ensure such problems can be avoided easily. Using wood that is properly dried, such as for our oak logs for pizza ovens, will also ensure that your oven doesn’t create too much smoke, ruining the taste of your food, polluting the atmosphere, and spoiling the cooking experience.

Why is kiln dried hardwood for pizza ovens better than softwood?

It is well known that kiln dried hardwood is much better than softwood in pizza ovens. All our kiln dried logs and kiln dried wood for pizza ovens are made from 100 per cent British hardwood.

Our hardwoods are much better for cooking as they will last much longer and be far cleaner than softwood alternatives. In fact, our oak logs for pizza oven use are the best choice when it comes to firing up your outdoor cooking ovens.

As well as our oak logs, also consider ashbeech, and kiln dried birch (which is great for a bright flame). Kiln dried ash is frequently stated by many log companies as their best-selling pizza oven logs.

Our pizza oven hardwood logs are cut to suitable sizes and thicknesses to fit neatly into your oven. Using any of these hardwoods will get your pizza oven or wood fired ovens heating up nicely!

Can you use charcoal?

Maybe! Before you buy our charcoal, you need to read your manufacturer’s instructions or contact your manufacturer. This is because charcoal burns hotter than wood. So much so, that if your pizza oven is not designed to take that amount of heat it is liable to crack and would become unusable.

Assuming you can add charcoal, it is commonplace for it to be added along with pizza oven logs for its distinctive BBQ taste that is unmistakable.

Introducing the pizza pack

If you look on this page, you will notice that one of the products is called the “pizza pack.” As well as containing 20 logs of our kiln dried hardwood for pizza oven logs, this pack is also supplied with one box of firelighters and one x 18KG box of kindling. The entire pack is Woodsure accredited and “Ready to Burn.” Click here to view this product and make perfect pizza!

The BBQ pro pack

Another excellent logs for pizza ovens product to buy is our BBQ Pro Pack. Create perfect pizza and BBQ flavour with our 10KG bulk bags of Big K lumpwood charcoal. Also, provided in this pack are a box of 25 firelighters, and 8 smoking chunks. Click here to view this product.

We also sell kindling and fire starting products, which help you to light quickly.

Free delivery

If everything above wasn't enough, you can also enjoy free delivery to most areas of the UK when you order from Cozilogs.

Pizza oven logs - help, support, and guidance

If you need help and advice about buying pizza oven logs why not contact us? Call Cozilogs on (01905) 954 736 to discuss any questions you may have about using kiln dried logs for large pizza ovens. Send us an email by messaging Alternatively, complete our contact form on our contact page.

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