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Buy BBQ logs and firewood supplies to get your barbeque up-and-running quickly with the great range of charcoal and other wood fuels at Cozilogs. Don't delay, find out more about our best fuel options today!  

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  1. The Chiminea pack
    The Chiminea pack
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  2. The Summer Pack
    The Summer Pack
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  3. The Pizza Pack
    The Pizza Pack
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  4. The BBQ Pro Pack
    The BBQ Pro Pack
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  5. Big K Instant Light charcoal
    Big K Instant Light charcoal
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  6. Big K Lumpwood BBQ charcoal
    Big K Lumpwood BBQ charcoal
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  7. Big K lumpwood Charcoal twin pack
    Big K lumpwood Charcoal twin pack
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Smoky fun and flavours when cooking outdoors

Have fun with family and friends and enjoy the smoky flavours only delivered by BBQ logs, firewood, coal and supplies from Cozilogs. Perfect for when you cook beef, chicken, fish, kebabs, and other wonderful meals outdoors.

BBQ logs from Cozilogs

Although not specifically listed on this page, any of our kiln dried logs could be used as BBQ firewood.

Our BBQ kiln dried logs are approximately 25cm (10 inches) in length, which is perfect for most BBQs, fire pits, and other outdoor cookers.

In a GQ Magazine article “The best woods for barbecuing”, three of the logs we sell came in the top 5, with birch finishing second, beech third and alder fourth.

BBQ firewood

All BBQ firewood supplied by Cozilogs is "Ready to Burn" and Woodsure accredited. You can buy BBQ firewood either in any of the packs on this page or for small-scale firewood supply we recommend visiting our kiln dried firewood in bags range.

Barbeque supplies

We have assembled various popular BBQ supplies into what have proved popular packs with our customers.

Currently, we sell four packs, "The Pizza Pack", "BBQ Pro Pack", "Summer Pack" and "Chiminea Pack". Contents are customised per pack but typically include BBQ supplies such as kiln dried BBQ firewood logs, (split and cut smaller to suit with bark removed), firelighters, kindling, lumpwood charcoal, and smoking chunks.

Our Summer Pack is a great choice and provides everything you need for your BBQ:

  • 2 Bags of Instant Light Big K Charcoal Packs
  • 4 bags 10 x Kiln Dried BBQ logs
  • 1 x Box 25 firelighters
  • 1 x Kindling
  • 8 x Smoking Chunks

Charcoal supplies

It doesn't get much better than that. alternatively, you can choose charcoal bags:

  1. Our instant light restaurant grade charcoal where you just light the bag and the charcoal within burns
  2. Our slow burning high heat charcoal is supplied in 10kgs, or buy a twin pack (20kgs) and receive a 10%+ discount

Can your BBQ wood products be used in pizza ovens?

Yes, as we said above, we even sell a special pizza pack, this is perfect for pizza oven cooking. It includes 20 split and cut to size hardwood kiln dried logs, one box of firelighters and one box of kindling (weighing 18KG).

Wood-fired pizza ovens typically operate at between 425°C to 480°C (800°F to 900°F). This means pizzas can cook in just 60 to 90 seconds and you can enjoy a crispy crust with perfectly melted toppings in a short cooking time. As well as pizzas, you can also bake bread, roast meats & vegetables, and even cook desserts inside pizza ovens.

Do you sell firewood solutions for chimineas?

Yes, browse and shop our specialist chiminea pack, which includes a box of small hardwood kiln dried chiminea logs, ten firelighters and a bag of kindling. These logs are all Ready to Burn and Wood Sure Accredited.

Use chimineas for grilling smaller food like sausages, kebabs, and vegetables, as well as for toasting marshmallows or bread. You can also warm pre-cooked foods and smoke small quantities of meat or fish. You can also use charcoal as a heat source for your chiminea, our charcoal packs are discussed below.

Advice on using briquettes for BBQ cooking

Here are some tips for using briquettes (also sometimes called heat logs) to cook your BBQ food:

1) How many briquettes are needed?

This will depend on the size of the grill and the cooking temperature required, but below is a general guide:

  • Low heat - about 30 briquettes
  • Medium heat - about 40 to 50 briquettes
  • High heat - about 60 briquettes

2) Preheat properly - ensure briquettes are heated until they turn ashy white for consistent cooking temperature

3) Arrange for cooking style - for direct heat, spread briquettes evenly; for indirect cooking, pile them on one side of the grill

4) Maintain temperature - add more briquettes periodically during long cooking sessions to maintain a steady temperature

5) Control airflow - adjust the grill's air vents to regulate the temperature - open for more consistent heat, closed for less

6) Avoid flare-ups - keep a spray bottle of water handy to douse any sudden flare-ups that can burn the food

7) Multiple devices – use in barbecue grills, fire pits, wood burning stoves and other devices

View our range of kiln dried briquettes (heat logs) here.

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For support and guidance about our BBQ kiln dried logs and supplies call Cozilogs today on (01905) 954 736. Send messages to us by emailing or by completing the contact form here.

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