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For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998 (the Act) and from 25th May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulations 2016/679 (the “GDPR”) the data controller is Chip Chip Limited, trading as CoziLogs, (company number 09744362) having its registered office at Unit 5 Two Woods Trading Estate, Talbots Lane, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, England, DY5 2YX. CoziLogs (“CoziLogs”, “we” or “us”) are committed to protecting your privacy.

Please read through this policy carefully so that you know how and why we collect information about you, how you can contact us to access, rectify, erase, restrict, port or object to your data being processed and what procedures we have in place to keep your personal data safe.

We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time and if we do so we will update these changes on this page so that you’re up-to-date with our current policy.

If you have any questions, or queries, or would like to contact us, please refer to our contact page. Additionally, we assume that everyone who visits the Cozilogs website has read and understood our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Personal information is kept private and confidential

We understand that people who visit this website on multiple occasions may want to set up an account. Account set-up can be completed here. Data protection and confidentiality is assured when you create an account on Cozilogs.

Cozilogs keep your data private and confidential

What information does Cozilogs collect from its website visitors?

Every time someone visits Cozilogs, we will collect the visitor's IP address. This provides us with information about their general location, not the exact area. With this data, we can personalise the website based on previous visits. For instance, the site could be set to automatically appear in English on every visit.

Our website identifies a visitor by their IP address; however, this remains anonymous to us. To enhance the user experience, we employ cookies. Further information about how we use cookies can be found below:

How does Cozilogs use cookies?

Most websites use cookies in some form. These cookies are not visible on the web pages and are referred to as "underlying data". They are small files that are stored on Cozilogs servers and the devices of visitors by web browsers to improve the speed of the website. Every time a visitor visits the website, it is recorded as a "session".

Cookies are used to gain insight into what pages visitors have previously viewed, allowing for a customised experience.

Cookies are a form of data that you are in control of

We employ two varieties of cookies on the Cozilogs website.

1)            Session cookies

These cookies are active only during your stay on the Cozilogs website and will be deleted as soon as you leave.

2)            Persistent cookies

This cookie is permanently saved as an electronic file on the visitor's browser. This allows us to give them a personalised experience when they come back to the website in the future.

You have complete control over your cookies

You can decide how cookies work when you visit our website. Through your browser settings, you can choose to block cookies. To ensure that all your browsers are set up the same way, you will have to adjust the cookie settings for each browser.

If we block cookies on our website, there will be some minimal problems with its usage. This could lead to certain features being inaccessible and your experience being less tailored to your needs.

We promise not to distribute your data

Cozilogs does not distribute the details of website visitors. All information is held securely until we no longer require it. Any information we decide to discard is done so with adherence to the Data Protection Act, 1988. If we need to share your information with a reliable third-party, we would do so only after gaining your consent.

Links to third party websites

On Cozilogs we may provide links to third-party websites to enhance your experience. These links are not endorsements or affiliate paying links unless specifically stated. Although our business focuses on removals, we do not take responsibility for any external links you may choose to click on from our website. We are not responsible for what occurs on other sites.

Changes to this Privacy policy

This privacy policy may occasionally be amended by Cozilogs. Such changes may be necessitated by a change in applicable laws. To view the most recent changes, please check the timestamp at the bottom of this page to see when the policy was last updated.


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