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Start fires quickly, and safely, indoors & outdoors with Cozilogs' selection of kiln dried kindling wood, firefighters, and fire starters. Our affordable range will quickly get your fire started and is perfect to use to ignite larger hardwood logs, which we also supply.  

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Choose Cozilogs as your supplier of rapid ignition fire starter products. Our kiln dried kindling wood is low-priced but will save much time and effort when igniting a fire and is perfect for devices such as chimineas, fire pits, and wood-burning stoves, as well as for use in open fires. 

What is kindling?

Kindling is small, dried and easy-to-combust wooden pieces that are specially used to ignite a fire. They are used as a fuel source to both start a fire and ignite larger logs. Wood for kindling typically comprises small wooden pieces, like wood shavings, twigs, or branches.

If you want to explore this topic in more detail, visit our blog article – “What is kindling wood - its role as the key ingredient in igniting a perfect fire”. This defines “what is kindling” and lots of other information.

Why is kindling wood faster to ignite?

Kindling wood is always cut thinner than logs of firewood. It is also usually made from softwoods, which are easy to split, (e.g. cedar, cypress, fir, pine, spruce, etc.,) which burn quickly and enable rapid ignition. Kindling ensures that larger surface areas are in contact with the fire, which is one of the main reasons for faster ignition. 

Is it important to use dry and seasoned kindling?

Yes, it certainly is, this is the type of kindling we sell at Cozilogs. This is essential for successfully starting a wood burning fire. The moisture content, which would naturally be present in unseasoned kindling wood inhibits ignition and is likely to result in a simmering fire with excessive smoke. 

How quickly does kindling catch fire?

Kindling will catch fire quickly when it is both dry and small. Typically, kindling wood ignites in less than 2-3 minutes when it is exposed to a sufficient heat source. Of course, all kindling is not the same, so the exact time will depend on the type of kindling used and the heat level applied.

Fire starter and firelighter products and accessories to choose from

We understand that a warm and cozy fire starts with the right combination of kiln dried firewood and top-quality fire starting accessories. That's why, in addition to our kiln dried logs and kindling wood, we also offer an extensive range of fire lighters and fire starters to ensure you have everything you need for the perfect fire.

Made from high-quality materials and formulated for quick ignition, these products make it easy for anyone to start a roaring fire in no time. Our range of fire lighters and fire starters are designed to help you ignite your wood burner effortlessly. You can buy Cozilogs’ firelighters in boxes of 24 or 50. Made from natural wood wool and entirely odourless, one firelighter is all that is needed to light a fire!

You can choose from the following products: 

Pre-made packs

As well as our separate supplies, The following pre-made packs, all include products used as fire starters and represent a better-value alternative to buying kindling or firelighters on their own:

  • The BBQ Pro pack – a 12kg box designed specifically for BBQ cooking. This includes a 10kg bag of Big K lumpwood charcoal, 1 x box of 25 firelighters, and 8 x smoking chunks
  • The Chiminea pack – a 25kg box, which includes hardwood kiln dried logs, ten firelighters as well as a bag of kindling
  • The Pizza pack – an 18kg box complete with 20x hardwood kiln dried logs, one box of firelighters and a bag of kindling
  • The Summer pack - ideal for any summer BBQ, this pack consists of 2x instant light Big K charcoal packs, which each contain - 4 bags of 10x kiln dried hardwood logs, 1x box of 25 firelighters, 1 x kindling bags as well as 8x Smoking Chunks

Buy kiln dried kindling wood and fire starters from Cozilogs

As a leading supplier of kiln dried logs, Cozilogs takes pride in providing our customers with top-quality products that guarantee an enjoyable experience every time they light up their wood burner.

Our selection of fire starting accessories complements our main offering perfectly by delivering additional benefits:

  1. Ease of Use - Our specially designed range of fire lighters, fire starters, and kindling wood simplifies the process of lighting your fire at home – even if you don't have much experience doing so.
  2. Eco-Friendly Options - We offer environmentally friendly options among our array of products so that customers can choose sustainable alternatives without compromising on quality or effectiveness.
  3. Reliable Performance - All our fire starting products are tried and tested to ensure that they deliver consistent performance for a hassle-free experience.
  4. Improved Efficiency - Using high-quality kiln dried kindling, alongside our fire lighters and fire starters, helps to maximize the efficiency of your firewood – whether it's kiln-dried logs or other options.
  5. Versatile Applications - Our range of fire starting accessories works perfectly with our bulk bags of kiln dried firewood but is also compatible with various other types of fuel, making them versatile additions to your fireplace setup.

Free UK delivery for fire lighters and kindling wood when buying in bulk

We strongly recommend ordering these products along with your bulk firewood and bags of kiln dried logs to qualify for free delivery to most parts of the UK.

Storage requirements

Buying kindling from Cozilogs means that it will arrive dry and easy to store. To keep our fire starting product dry, we recommend storing it inside a log store or in enclosed conditions. The netting around our kindling aired and aids with medium to long term storage.

Order from Cozilogs

Order fire starter products from Cozilogs such as kiln dried kindling wood and firelighters. Although these products are relatively self-explanatory you can call us at (01905) 954 736 to discuss any aspect of our kiln dried kindling and products designed as fire starters.

You can also email us at or complete out our online contact form.

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