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Are you looking to buy a 1 ton bag of logs online or performing a search for a tonne bag of firewood near me? If so, you’re in the right place as we provide great value and free UK mainland-wide delivery straight to your door. But let’s be clear, we only sell genuine 1 ton of kiln dried hardwood logs and firewood on this page, 100% British hardwood. This is not the same as what most retailers provide, but more on this below:


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  1. Briquettes virgin wood Full pallet
    Briquettes virgin wood Full pallet
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  2. 1 Ton of Mixed Hardwood Logs
    1 Ton of Mixed Hardwood Logs
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  3. 1 Ton of Hardwood OAK Logs
    1 Ton of Hardwood OAK Logs
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  4. 1 Ton of Hardwood ASH Logs
    1 Ton of Hardwood ASH Logs
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  5. 1 Ton of Hardwood OAK/ASH Logs
    1 Ton of Hardwood OAK/ASH Logs
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  6. 1 Ton of Hardwood HORNBEAM Logs
    1 Ton of Hardwood HORNBEAM Logs
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  7. SPECIAL Extreme South African Hardwood Giant Crate
    SPECIAL Extreme South African Hardwood Giant Crate
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Genuine 1 ton of logs (1 tonne bag of logs) for sale

We sell bulk bags of hardwood logs (single builder's bags) and dual bags, but this page is for a genuine 1 ton of logs. 

If you are actually looking for a single "builders bag" or "bulk bag" of kiln dried logs you can find these here. For reasons we'll come on to, these do not contain 1 ton of logs as that isn't physically possible, but they are often referred to as "1 ton bags".

If this is what you are looking for, two of our best sellers are the single bulk bag of mixed firewood and the mixed firewood dual bulk bags shown below:

Bulk Builders Bag of Logs Dual Bulk Bags of Logs

Our complete range of kiln dried hardwood logs includes different sizes of bulk bag, including crates and nets for beech, birch, oak, alder, and ash.

Because we price in kilograms, you can find some weight conversions on this page along with things you should look out for when choosing a retailer. You can also find our related products and see how many hardwood logs you will receive when you come to Cozilogs for a 1 tonne bulk bag of firewood.

How much does 1 ton of firewood weigh in lbs and kgs?

Many online buyers like to buy 1 ton bags of logs. Here at Cozilogs, we price our l in kgs, so converted equivalents in lbs and kgs are:

  • 1 ton = 2,240 lbs
  • 1 ton = 1,016 kgs
  • 1 ton = 157.5 stones

So why are "1 ton bag of logs" not actually 1 ton?

Regrettably, the majority of products advertised as “1 ton bag of logs” are not actually one ton in weight. You will find plenty of advertisements online for 1 ton of logs for less than £100. However, the suppliers are referring to a 1 ton “builder’s bag”. These bags typically contain 1 ton of aggregate or sand. The same bulk bag containing logs, would only hold up to 250 kgs of logs. Essentially, this is mis-advertising.

Avoid buying softwood logs

In addition, it’s very likely that these bags will not be kiln dried (i.e., is still wet, with high moisture content) and also may consist of softwood logs and coniferous logs, rather than the high-quality kiln dried hardwood logs we sell. We always advise against burning software logs. This is because they produce excessive creosote buildup in chimneys, have a shorter burn time, emit more smoke, and provide less heat output. Additionally, softwood logs contain higher moisture content, may crackle and spark dangerously, often have a less pleasant aroma, and contribute to faster accumulation of ash and debris.

We would always advise you to buy from ethically accredited sources and ensure you know both the actual weight, quantity, and exact type of logs you will receive.

Related products

Cozilogs do not actually sell an exact 1 ton bag of logs (1,016 kgs) as in an individual product or bulk bag. To buy a ton of logs you need to multiply what you buy. For example, you can buy two of our crates of kiln dried hardwood logs to get 1 ton of logs:

So, the simplest way to get the equivalent of a 1 ton bag of logs is to order two of our classic crates. By ordering two, you will receive c1,040 kgs and just over one ton of top-quality logs.

However, so that you can order a genuine 1 ton of logs in a single order, we have bundled five of our single bulk bags of kiln dried hardwood logs on this page where you can find the following:

How many kiln dried logs will I receive?

We've discussed this very question below:

Essentially there are around 1.4 hardwood logs for every 1kg you order. So, for a 1 ton (1,016 kgs) bulk bag you would receive c1,422 kiln dried logs. All our kiln dried logs are “Ready to Burn” and are from FSC certified sustainable sources and have a maximum of 20% moisture content, as required by UK and EU law.

Support options

Please contact Cozilogs about buying your 1 tonne bag of logs and any of our kiln dried hardwood logs range through the following methods:

  • Telephone - call now on (01905) 954 736
  • Emails – send emails to
  • Contact form - send your contact information through our contact page

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