Heat Logs

Heat Logs

Heat your home or garden with premium-quality heat logs that you can order online directly from Cozilogs.  

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With the price of electricity experiencing vast increases recently, hardwood heat logs are now more economical than ever. We have a fine selection of heating logs for you to choose from, which you can browse and shop for on this page.

Heat logs – a working definition

If you search online for “heat logs” you will discover a wide variety of products falling under this catch-all name. Therefore, we provide a definition below:

Heat logs are a versatile fuel source designed usually for heating purposes, that are made from various organic materials such as wood, biomass, and recycled products. They encompass a wide range of products including compressed sawdust logs, wood briquettes, eco logs, and waxed logs. They are characterised by their low moisture content (certainly below 20%), high burn efficiency, and eco-friendly attributes. Heat logs provide a cleaner, and more sustainable alternative to many forms of traditional firewood and can be relied on to provide a consistent and long-lasting heat for homes and outdoor spaces.

Hardwood heating logs available at Cozilogs

We have an excellent selection of hardwood heat logs to choose from, these are expanded on below:

1) Briquettes

One of the most popular forms of heating logs, buy our briquettes as an alternative to solid kiln dried logs. They are known under a range of names, which include eco logs, fire logs, heat logs, or hot logs. Briquettes are manufactured under pressure from materials such as biomass, sawdust, wood chips, and wood shavings, etc., Our briquettes are compact and uniform and are perfect for use in wood burners, chimineas, fire pits, wood burning stoves and other devices. Buy in any of the following three sizes:

2) Wood burner logs

If you are looking to buy wood burner logs, trust Cozilogs. Our kiln dried logs are multi-purpose, so burn well in wood burners as well as many other wood-burning devices. They are all cut to around 25cm in length and all have low moisture content (below 20%):

  • Ash logs – buy from our 215kg bags up to one tonne crates. Ash is our recommendation as the best choice for wood burners. Ash burns consistently, cleanly and with a high heat output
  • Beech logs – buy our 250kg beech bag. This hardwood is a solid choice and, in many respects, has similar qualities to ash
  • Birch logs – buy from our 250kgs bags up to 690kgs giant crates. Birch offers rapid ignition and heating; it does burn more quickly though. It is ideal for short-burst heating and less suited to longer-term heating needs
  • Oak logs – buy from our 215kgs oak bags up to a full ton oak crate. Oak is our second choice, behind ash. Oak has high-density, high calorific value and burns for a long time with a steady high level of heat
  • Mixed firewood logs – due to differences in ignition rates and burn rates, our mixed firewood logs give you the benefit of more than one hardwood, in one consolidated purchase

Browse and shop for wood burner logs

3) Chiminea logs

Everything you will need for a chiminea is our Chiminea pack. Delivered by DPD, this pack consists of:

  • 25kg hardwood kiln dried logs box – each log is perfect for a chiminea being around 25cm in length. This makes these logs thinner and faster to ignite. With moisture content below 20%, lower smoke emissions are guaranteed, as are the facts that these are both “Ready to Burn” and Woodsure accredited.
  • 10 firelighters - start your chiminea fire with ease, with our box of 10 Cozilogs firelighters. Only one is typically needed to start a fire. Made from natural wood wool, these burn without a scent or odour
  • A bag of kindling – get your chiminea fire off to a great start with kindling. Our low moisture content kindling sticks are great for starting a fire and igniting the larger kiln dried logs

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4) Wood for firepits

Buy firepit wood online at Cozilogs, any of the following products are ideal:

  • Briquettes – as mentioned above, buy in quarter, half, or full pallets
  • The chiminea pack – mentioned in the chiminea section
  • The pizza pack – an 18kg box containing 20x hardwood kiln dried logs, one box of firelighters and a bag of kindling
  • Kiln dried logs – any of the logs mentioned in the wood burner logs section would also be suitable as heating logs for firepits. Choose from ash, beech, birch, and oak

Browse and shop for wood for firepits

5) Special packs

Also buy any of the following special packs, which conveniently bundle a range of heating logs and associated products into one pack:

  1. The BBQ Pro Pack – is perfect for BBQs and includes a10KG bag of Big K lumpwood charcoal, 25 firelighters, and 8x wood smoking chunks
  2. The Chiminea Pack – as mentioned above in the chiminea section
  3. The Summer Pack – specially designed for summer BBQs this pack contains 2 bags of Instant Light Big K charcoal, 4x bags of 10 kiln dried hardwood logs, a box of 25 firelighters, a pack of kindling and 8x wood smoking chunks
  4. The Pizza Pack – as mentioned in the wood for firepits section

Contact us

As you can see there is a range of products you can choose as heating logs. If you want to clarify what would work best for you why not contact us? Contact Cozilogs at (01905) 954 736 to discuss any of the above products. You can also email us at sales@cozilogs.co.uk or message us through our online contact form.

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