Chiminea Logs

Chiminea Logs

Gather around and feel the warmth, a Cozilogs chiminea with specially designed chiminea logs set the perfect garden fire. Bring friends and family together for the magic of flickering flames filled with laughter and warmth, courtesy of chimineas.  

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Are you searching for chiminea firewood? If so, Cozilogs is an excellent choice of provider for your supplies. We sell kiln dried chiminea logs specifically cut to size to perfectly fit the size of your chiminea.

Name origin

The name “chiminea” originates from the Spanish word “chiminea”. This is simply the Spanish word for “chimney” and reflects the fact that a chiminea is like having an outdoor chimney. The bulbous body and narrow smoke vent reflect indoor fireplaces, which efficiently direct smoke to travel upwards.

Buy chiminea logs at Cozilogs

Buy the chiminea pack for all the chiminea firewood and related products that you need. This pack is delivered by DPD and consists of:

  • A box of small (25kg) hardwood kiln dried logs – these are “Ready to Burn” and Woodsure accredited. Each log is around 25cm in length, and they are thinner for speedy lighting and have a moisture content below 20% for lower smoke emissions
  • 10 firelighters - Cozilogs firelighters as their name suggests are perfect for lighting a fire. Made from natural wood wool, these firelighters burn without any scent or odour. Typically, only one will be needed to start a fire, which makes these great value-for-money
  • A bag of kindling – providing the perfect start for any fire, these low moisture content kindling sticks are perfect for your chiminea and are an essential item in your fire-lighting set

Everything you need to keep you warm when the sun goes down. All firewood is Ready to Burn and Wood Sure Accredited 25KG in a single box delivered by DPD.

As well as being ideal for use as chiminea wood, buy our chiminea pack for use in fireplaces, fire pits, wood burners, and wood burning stoves, etc.,

Popular FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about wood for chiminea use:

What are chiminea logs?

Logs for chimineas are selected pieces of wood that are cut specifically to the shape and size required by a chiminea. Although they can be made from either softwood or hardwood, the best chimineas (like we sell at Cozilogs) are made from hardwoods such as oak or hornbeam. The chiminea logs we sell are kiln dried, which reduces the moisture content and ensures a long burning time combined with high heat output.

How long does chiminea firewood burn and are they safe for cooking with?

Naturally, burning time will vary. This depends on numerous factors such as the type of wood and its shape and size. The kiln dried chiminea logs we sell will typically burn for several hours and will provide a steady and consistent heat level. They are perfectly safe for cooking and add a wood-fired flavour.

Can I use chiminea logs in a regular fireplace or wood stove?

Yes, they are perfectly fine to use in a regular fireplace or wood stove. They are also suitable to use for various other types of indoor heating appliances.

Can I use any regular firewood in a chiminea?

The answer is yes, you can use regular firewood in a chiminea. It is preferable though to use the specially cut-to-size hardwood chiminea firewood we supply, which is designed with chimineas in mind.

Does chiminea wood produce a lot of smoke and are they environmentally friendly?

Well, the answer depends on what wood the chiminea wood is made from. If you buy our chiminea firewood you can be guaranteed to buy kiln dried hardwood logs. These contain less than 20% moisture content, produce minimal smoke and are environmentally friendly.

Do I need to treat or prepare my wood for chiminea use?

If you buy our chiminea firewood they are pre kiln dried and are ready for immediate use.

Contact us about logs for chimineas

Buy the best readymade chiminea logs from Cozilogs. Call us at (01905) 954 736 for guidance on our “Ready to Burn” kiln dried chiminea firewood and other products. For further information, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.

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