Wood Burner Logs

Wood Burner Logs

Add warmth and cosiness to your home with the Cozilogs’ selection of wood burner logs. These are perfect for relaxing evenings indoors and complement a range of wood burner devices and stoves.  

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Choose Cozilogs as your preferred supplier for indoor logs for wood burner devices. Our wood burner logs, in conjunction with our firepit and chiminea options, provide perfect heating fuel solutions for your home.

Wood burner use in the UK

The term "wood burners" is used to describe a range of indoor devices which efficiently burn wood fuel to generate high heat output. Wood for log burner use includes hardwood logs and briquettes (also called "heat logs" or "eco logs"). They are designed for their eco-friendliness and safe low emissions. Examples of available devices, which cater to different requirements include:

Wood burners

These are all types of stoves, many varieties are available, three popular types are:

  1. a) Contemporary wood burners - this modern style features clean lines and is made (typically) from steel with large glass doors. These are the choice of homeowners with a preference for modern decor and a liking for minimalist design
  2. b) Traditional wood burners - these are classic (or traditional) in style and are made from materials such as cast iron or steel. Chosen by homeowners who love a vintage look, they are popular in rural areas
  3. c) Inset wood burners - usually built into a fireplace or wall, these provide an integrated look. Choose these for an unobtrusive appearance that will blend in with the surroundings


As we said above all wood burners are stoves, but it does not apply that all stoves are wood burners. Although gas and electric stoves are available, popular stoves, which burn logs or biomass are:

  1. a) Double-sided stoves - these are larger stoves designed for open plan homes, which heat large areas quickly and efficiently
  2. b) Multi-fuel stoves - these stoves although usually using wood as a fuel source can also burn coal or charcoal. They are primarily used in areas where coal is plentiful and/or wood can be hard to come by
  3. c) Pellet stoves - these are highly efficient and are designed to use briquettes (compressed wood) or biomass pellets. Note: kiln dried logs cannot be safely used in pellet stoves. This is because pellet stoves are specifically designed to burn compressed wood pellets, and wooden logs do not meet the smaller required dimensions

Wood burner fuel from Cozilogs

Wood burners are sufficiently varied to use a range of wood burner fuel including kiln dried logs, briquettes and our pre-made packs, which we detail below:

Log burner firewood - Kiln dried logs

Buy the following kiln dried logs, which are all perfect for use as wood burner logs. Although not strictly necessary for log burner dimensions, these are all cut to around 25cm in length for efficient burning in wood burners:


Also sometimes called eco logs, fire logs, heat logs, or hot logs, buy our briquettes as an alternative wood burner fuel to solid kiln dried logs. Made from wood chips, wood shavings, sawdust, and biomass materials, etc., our briquettes are compact and uniform. Manufactured under pressure, choose from the following options:

Pre-made packs

Why not also try the following pre-made packs? These are all ideal for use in wood burners:

  • The Chiminea Pack – this 25kg box comes supplied with hardwood kiln dried logs, ten firelighters and a bag of kindling
  • The Pizza Pack – this 18kg box comes supplied with 20x hardwood kiln dried logs complete with one box of firelighters and a bag of kindling

UK-wide wood burner log delivery

Cozilogs delivers premium kiln dried logs for wood burners anywhere in the UK mainland. Our efficient distribution network promises timely delivery, with all wood logs neatly palletised for easy handling.

Order from Cozilogs

Are you in need of top-quality wood for log burner use? Call Cozilogs at (01905) 954 736 for our selection of kiln dried logs, briquettes, and other log burner firewood products, which are ideal for wood burners. For queries, email us at sales@cozilogs.co.uk or fill out our online contact form.

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