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Add warmth and light to your garden on an evening with Cozilogs’ firepit logs, which are great for any evening social occasion.  

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For an ideal and safe outdoor fire experience, buy firepit logs from Cozilogs. These are just one of our selections of outdoor heating logs, which also include wood burner logs and chiminea logs. Buy our wood for fire pits online today for outdoor heating, cooking, and creating a cosy atmosphere for social occasions.

An introduction to firepits

Firepits are specifically designed for outdoor use and are a popular feature in gardens, especially in patio and decking areas. Firepits provide a focal point for outdoor gatherings, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional convenience for cooking and heating. They also output a modest amount of cosy light, which people love to be near to. Some firepit owners also travel with firepits for use on family holidays in places such as campsites and/or beaches, although local regulations should be checked before using them.

Firepits must NEVER be used indoors as their open dispersion method poses significant risks for smoke inhalation, carbon monoxide poisoning and is also a fire hazard. Using a firepit rather than an open fire offers enhanced safety, as firepits contain the fire in a controlled space, reducing the risk of accidental spread. For indoor use choose fireplaces, log burners or wood burning stoves, and similar devices, which have the necessary ventilation systems.

Characteristics to expect from wood for fire pits

We recommend you look for the following characteristics when buying firepit logs:

  1. Low moisture content - always insist on wood with low moisture content, certainly below 20%
  2. Choose hardwood - the hardwoods we sell all have higher density and as such burn hotter and longer, giving you better value for money. Choose from ash, beech, birch, hornbeam, and oak - all make fine firepit logs! Click on these two articles to learn more about why to burn hardwood:
    1. Fuelling the fire – Guide to burning hardwood vs softwood
    2. Advantages of kiln dried hardwood logs for premium firewood performance
  3. Seasoned or kiln dried? - insist that all the wood for fire pits you choose is either seasoned or kiln dried. These have low moisture content and are "Ready to Burn":
    1. Seasoned wood - needs to have been manually dried for 8+ months.
    2. Kiln dried firewood - here at Cozilogs, we sell kiln dried firewood only
  4. Dimensions and measurements
  5. The following dimensions would make perfect firepit logs, as they would fit most firepits without the need for additional chopping:
    1. Length - the length should be between 25 to 40cm (10" to 16")
    2. Diameter - the diameter should be between 7.5 to 15cm (3" to 6")
  6. Buy split logs - these are perfect for quick ignition and burn more evenly than round logs

Related products

We also recommend you buy the following products when searching for firepit logs:

  1. Kindling wood – small firewood sticks to get your fire started quickly – click here to buy
  2. Firelighters – natural wood wool to help get your fire lighted, buy in packs of 24 or 50

Are smokeless logs for fire pit use available from Cozilogs?

Yes, smokeless logs for fire pit use are popular and freely available. Look for products sold under various terms such as “Briquettes”, “Eco Logs”, “Heat Logs”, etc., These products are not made of solid wood, they are made of compressed wood with biomass materials. They burn with much less smoke and leave less ash than firewood logs.

These products have the benefit of being a compact uniform size and have guaranteed low moisture content. Choose these for use in firepits, particularly in urban settings with smoke control zones, which are bound by the Clean Air Act.

Firepit logs and wood available at Cozilogs

If you are looking to buy firepit wood, the following products would all be suitable:

Also, the following hardwood logs are all kiln dried and are around 25cm in length and are perfect for use in fire pits:

Firepit wood delivery across the UK

Get your kiln dried firepit logs delivered anywhere in the UK mainland by Cozilogs. Our well-placed distribution centres guarantee prompt delivery, and our wood for fire pits are palletised for ease of storage and handling.

Contacting Cozilogs

Do you need high-quality firepit wood? Contact Cozilogs at (01905) 954 736 for a selection of smokeless logs for fire pit use. For more information, email us at sales@cozilogs.co.uk or use our convenient online contact form.

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