Kiln Dried Beech Logs

Beech logs are an excellent choice for cosy nights in, with cost-effective heating that creates an inimitable ambience other fuel types cannot match.

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But which types of wooden logs burn best? Beech is highly regarded, and one of six kinds of woods recommended by us as logs for burning along with hornbeam, alder, ash, oak, and birch.

Why choose kiln dried beech logs?

Beech is a popular hardwood, which naturally is strong and has high water content. Beech is a heavier dense wood and takes longer to light than lighter wood types, so using kindling is recommended. Beech is widely considered to be one of the very best firewood’s.

Due to its high water content, beech needs to be seasoned well for effective burning. As our beech logs are kiln dried professionally, they are delivered bone dry.

Beech for indoor use

Beech kiln dried logs are particularly suited to home use, for reasons such as:

  • Minimal smoke - burns well with less smoke emission
  • Minimal ash - the minimal ash produced makes them easy for post-fire maintenance and cleaning up
  • Indoor appliances compatible - ideal especially for indoor wood burning stoves, multi fuel stoves and fireplaces
  • Less sparking and spitting – kiln dried beech logs are less prone to sparking and spitting, making them safer for indoor use (in particular)

Other qualities to expect from beech wood

Also, choose beech for these other qualities:

  • Calorific value – kiln dried beech logs have a high calorific value, producing more heat per unit compared to many other wood types
  • Flame quality - burns with a vibrant yellow flame with golden tones. Choose beech for a steady, consistent, and bright flame
  • Burn quality - beech wood burns smoothly and cleanly
  • Fragrance – beech burns with a wonderful subtle aroma and fragrance
  • Moisture content – choose this wood for a low moisture content of below 20%
  • Burns longer - once lit, beech gives off a high heat output. Beech a dense wood is highly prized for the long-lasting burn cycle (often called “long burn”) of the wood. This means you will need to refuel less frequently!
  • Outdoor appliances - choose beech without hesitation for use in a pizza oven, or wood burning stoves, fire pits, log boilers, open fires, and other set-ups

In cooking use

Kiln dried beech logs are a popular choice for smoking meats and fish because of their subtle sweetness and ability to add a mild, subliminal flavour to food. Excellent temperature control is made possible by their steady burn and constant heat output, which is essential for slow-cooking procedures.

The clean, smokeless flame produced by beech logs, in contrast to some other woods, guarantees that the food's natural flavours are preserved without being overpowered by smoke. Chefs and home cooks prefer beech logs for grilling, barbecuing, and smoking a wide range of dishes because of their adaptability and mild flavour profile. Kiln dried beech logs can also be successfully used in pizza oven cooking.

About Cozilogs and our process

Cozilogs source all our beech logs responsibly from British woodlands, which have sustainable felling licenses. Our beech logs process through a zero carbon kiln drying plant.

The final kiln dried beech logs are Woodsure Ready to Burn certified. Our range are not seasoned logs, these are air dried over six months or longer, all products we sell are kiln dried.

Kiln dried beech firewood available online at Cozilogs

We have one kiln dried beech only product available, this is a smaller size and allows you to buy this to mix yourself with other firewood we sell:

We also use beech in our mixed hardwood log packages. Beech is fast burning and therefore, is best used for optimal burning in conjunction with slower burning hardwoods such as oak.

View our complete collection of kiln dried firewood at this link.

Mainland UK delivery information

Cozilogs has a free delivery service for your kiln dried beech logs UK mainland wide on orders over £100. We have a number of distribution centres located UK-wide to ensure promptness of deliveries. Our products are conveniently delivered in pallets, stacked in such a way they are easy to store and handle.

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