Kiln Dried Hornbeam Logs

Turn up the heat, spice up the flavour, and buy kiln dried hornbeam logs for cooking and warmth online at Cozilogs.  

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    1 Ton of Hardwood HORNBEAM Logs
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If you are looking for a great value hardwood to burn, hornbeam firewood is a great choice. It is one of a number of quality hardwood species provided by Cozilogs with ash, beech, birch, and oak being our other popular choices.

What is Hornbeam?

"Hornbeam" is an unusual-sounding name and perhaps a species of tree you are not familiar with. Of widespread distribution, the Hornbeam tree has various sub-species across Europe, Asia, and eastern North America. Its name originates from “horn” as hard as an animal’s horn and “beam” an old English word used to describe a tree.

Why buy hornbeam logs and firewood?

A hardwood, hornbeam firewood is perfect for burning due to its high density and hardness, which provides a slow and consistent burn. Choose hornbeam firewood for both its heating and cooking capabilities, which make it a superlative choice among hardwoods. For heating it is a fine wood for wood burners, open fires, and fire pits, etc., whereas it is equally at home in cooking in wood burning stoves.

Due to their high density-level, hornbeam has a high calorific value, which means the firewood packs plenty of energy within! With a high heat output, hornbeam is ideal for home heating in the winter months. This cost-effective firewood means you will need fewer logs to maintain a consistent heat level due to its "slow burn".

Another benefit of hornbeam logs and firewood when burned is their low smoke and ash emissions. This clean burn improves air quality both inside and outside the home. In this day and age of Government Clean Air Act regulations, this quality of hornbeam is difficult to overestimate. The low smoke output also improves food quality when cooking with hornbeam as it does not contaminate the taste of the wood with unwanted flavours. Enjoy the minimal ash residue gives you more time to party and less time needed for cleaning!

Why it makes sense to choose Cozilogs

We do all the hard work for you by selecting the finest kiln dried hardwood logs, which are perfect for your heating and cooking needs at home and in the garden. As well as hardwood logs, we also sell supporting products such as briquettes, charcoal, kindling, and pizza oven logs. Rely on us to supply firewood solutions, which provide a clean and efficient burn, which produces high heat output and minimal smoke.

Our homework on the best woods to buy will save you a significant amount of money on your wood-burning costs, so why pay more? Our competitively priced hornbeam and other firewood’s will last longer than many softwoods and hardwoods offered by other Companies will. Put our customer service to the test by placing an order for Hornbeam or any of our other firewood ranges today.

The low moisture content of our firewood ensures there is minimal smoke and air pollution, meaning you burn less water vapour and more wood! Our hardwood is purchased from UK sustainable forests and woodlands, this is our environmental commitment to you, to supply products which are environmentally friendly, traceable, and both "Ready to Burn" and Woodsure accredited.

Our secure eCommerce solution allows multiple payment options and is designed to be easy to use with the customer in mind. Our extensive delivery network means your order will be with you rapidly, check our delivery information for detailed information.

Hornbeam firewood available at Cozilogs

If you are looking to buy hornbeam logs, listed below are what we have available at Cozilogs:

Learn more about kiln dried hornbeam logs

We have written about hornbeam in some of our blog articles, click on any of the links below for further information:

UK mainland delivery

Cozilogs delivers kiln dried hornbeam logs throughout the UK mainland. With regional distribution centres strategically located across the UK, we ensure the timely delivery of all orders. Our kiln dried hornbeam logs are conveniently stacked on pallets for easy handling and storage.

Contacting Cozilogs

Are you seeking to buy “Ready to Burn” kiln dried Hornbeam logs? Contact Cozilogs at (01905) 954 736 for professional advice about hornbeam firewood and other hardwoods. Contact us via email at sales@cozilogs.co.uk or submit enquiries through our online contact form.

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