Kiln Dried Alder Logs

Kiln dried alder logs are a fine choice for cost-effective interior heating or using outdoors.  

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    Kiln Dried Alder Firewood Logs Classic Crate
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Alder is one of the main five types of woods we recommend for burning here at Cozilogs. Others recommended are ash, birch, hornbeam, and oak.

Why choose alder logs?

Alder is a popular hardwood and is actively used for splitting into logs. Alder is a member of the Birch family of trees and so has similar characteristics to Birch logs. Whilst alder is definitely a hardwood, it is towards the softer end of the scale and is less dense than Ash, Hornbeam, and Oak.

Alder as a softer hardwood has the advantage of being easy to light, although the use of kindling and firelighters is still recommended. If you sometimes struggle to get open fires going, alder is a great choice. Whilst having good heat output, Alder has a lower heat output than Oak and other hardwoods. Alder stays alight for less time but has the advantage of being the lowest-priced hardwood log we supply.

Alder burns with an orange-tinted flame and provided it is seasoned is recommended as firewood. Naturally, our alder logs are professionally kiln seasoned. Alder logs burn very well and get to high temperatures quickly with minimal smoke. Alder has a smooth and clean burn and a pleasant aroma (making it ideal for BBQing and smoking meats). Our kiln dried alder logs are also guaranteed to have low moisture content (less than 20%).

Choose alder for use in wood burners, fire pits, open fires, log boilers, and other burning set-ups.

Why choose Cozilogs?

When you buy from Cozilogs you buy premium-quality kiln dried firewood that is fully legally compliant and is Woodsure certified “Ready to Burn.”

Our alder logs are responsibly from sustainable British woodlands with appropriate felling licenses. Once felled alder logs are all processed at a carbon-neutral drying facility to guarantee low moisture content and everything you would expect from kiln dried logs.

Alder logs to buy at Cozilogs

Choose from the following kiln dried alder logs bags and crates when you buy online at Cozilogs with sizes ranging from 415kgs up to 690kgs.

UK mainland delivery

Cozilogs delivers kiln dried alder logs across the UK mainland. Our regional distribution centres around the UK ensure we promptly deliver all log orders. When distributed our kiln dried alder logs are neatly stacked in pallets, this ensures they are easier to handle and store.

How to contact Cozilogs

For support and advice about buying “Ready to Burn” kiln dried alder logs contact Cozilogs. Call us on (01905) 954 736 to discuss any questions you may have about using alder or our other hardwoods. Send emails to Complete our contact form by clicking here.

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