Kiln Dried Ash Logs

Whether you are looking to ignite your outdoor oven or relax by your indoor log burner, or even just seeking warmth from your boiler on a cold evening, our ash firewood provides a high-quality heat source.

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All our kiln dried ash logs for sale are dried by Cozilogs at our specially created carbon-neutral facilities. This ensures that both you and we know that logs supplied by us are suited to safe and efficient use. We offer a guarantee, when you buy our ash logs you buy a form of sustainably sourced fuel providing a low moisture content below the legally required 20% delivering the most efficient burn.

Is your ash firewood for sale sustainably sourced?

When it comes to growing ash for firewood, we believe that sustainability is vitally important. That is why all of our 100% virgin seasoned ash firewood for sale is sustainably sourced and traceable from UK woodlands with a reputation and guarantee for responsible management. We want you to enjoy all of the benefits of our birch or ash for firewood, but we also want our forests to be of benefit to future generations for many, many years to come.

What size options for ash logs firewood are there?

We offer lots of diverse ways to purchase our kiln dried ash logs, including bulk bags and dual bulk bags, crates, and barrow bags. Cozilogs has the following kiln dried ash firewood logs for sale:


Dual bulk bags (two bags per order):


Classic crate:

Giant crates:

The following mixed hardwood assortment of logs also contains ash:

Why is ash logs firewood an excellent choice?

Our kiln dried ash logs are approximately 25cm (10 inches) in length and are a wonderful choice for your wood burner, open fire, boiler, or stove because of the high heat they can reach and the cleanliness of the burn. The low moisture content of our ash logs (being lower than 20%) ensures that these benefits are enhanced as much as possible.

The long-burning nature of each 25cm long log makes sure you never have to spend more time or money on replenishing your fire source. For example, our kiln dried ash logs for sale will burn longer than both our birch logs and alder logs, but you need to factor in that our ash logs are slightly more expensive than these hardwoods.

We have built a long-standing reputation for providing the highest quality standards of service and products, and our seasoned ash firewood for sale is no exception. These are Woodsure certified as being ‘Ready to Burn’, it is the ideal fuel source:

  • If you want the best return on a business investment
  • If you are using hardwood as a fuel source at work, or
  • If you want to heat your home without having to worry about how much money you are spending, how much mess you are creating or how many damaging sparks your logs may create

Our ash firewood is as safe as it can possibly be, allowing you to sit back and enjoy all the heat and beauty that a great fire can bring. We recommend you consider buying our kindling or fire starters and add these to your kiln dried ash logs as they will catch fire quickly and aid speedy ignition.

Other wood varieties to choose from

In addition to kiln dried ash logs, also available are alder, hornbeam, birchbeech, and oak logs. Whichever you choose, of our kiln dried hardwood logs, we have a perfect hardwood for a variety of burning requirements.

Delivery of our kiln dried ash logs for sale?

Our kiln dried ash firewood is delivered on a neatly stacked pallet of logs. This ensures that the storage and handling of the firewood are made easy. Cozilogs deliver kiln dried ash logs for free to mainland addresses in the UK. A small additional charge will be applied to offshore locations. Click this link for additional information.

Blog posts about ash

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Help and support

For support and advice about buying kiln dried ash logs do not hesitate to contact Cozilogs. We are available to resolve clarifications and questions using these contact methods:

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