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Cozilogs offers an exceptional selection of kiln dried birch logs for sale. Choose from bulk birch logs available in bags, classic crates, or giant crates. Expect superior quality firewood at affordable prices, with free delivery to the majority of the UK.

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Why buy from Cozilogs?

At Cozilogs, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of high-quality firewood to cater to our customers' varied preferences.

One of our popular and highly recommended options is kiln dried birch logs in bulk bags and crates. These birch logs are known for their exceptional burning characteristics and versatility, making them an ideal choice for various applications such as fireplaces, wood burning stoves, log burners, pizza ovens, open fires, and fire pits.

Kiln dried birch logs have several advantages over other types of firewood, including:

  1. Fast Ignition- Thanks to their naturally high resin content and lower density, birch logs catch fire quickly compared to other hardwood logs.
  2. High Heat Output- Kiln dried birch logs generate an impressive heat output similar to other hardwood logs like ash or hornbeam. The abundant resin content in birch ensures a long-lasting burn with intense heat.
  3. Clean Burning- Birch logs produce less smoke and creosote compared to other wood types when properly kiln dried, resulting in a cleaner burning experience and reduced build-up in your chimney or flue. All our kiln dried birch logs are Woodsure Ready to Burn certified.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal- The stunning bark colour of bulk birch logs adds visual appeal to any fireplace setup while also providing a unique ambience as they burn.

Reasons to choose kiln dried birch logs?

As a dense hardwood, kiln dried birch burns longer than its softwood counterparts and therefore offers great value for your money.  

Other benefits include:

  1. Superior Drying Process- We use advanced kiln drying techniques to reduce and ensure low moisture content in our birch logs significantly. This ensures fast ignition, clean burning, and high heat output for your ultimate satisfaction.
  2. Quality Control- Our strict quality control processes guarantee that you receive only the finest kiln dried birch logs.
  3. Sustainably Sourced- We source our birch logs from responsibly managed British forests to ensure an eco-friendly product that minimises the environmental impact of your wood consumption.
  4. Bulk Birch Logs -By offering options to buy bulk birch logs, we enable you to stock up on premium-quality firewood with free UK delivery to most parts of the UK, and at competitive prices.

With our kiln dried birch logs, you’ll find keeping yourself warm a hassle-free experience. Order a bulk bag or full crate of hardwood logs today, and you’ll be staying warm and cosy all year round with Cozilogs.

What are the benefits of kiln drying?

Whereas seasoned logs are left to dry naturally over an extended period, kiln dried firewood is dried artificially. As the name suggests, we do this with a commercial kiln. This is a much faster method of processing the wood and results in birch logs ready to burn cleanly and efficiently all year round.

This method also allows us to guarantee a much lower moisture content, with all of our hardwood logs having lower than 20% moisture content. Less moisture means that our kiln dried logs provide a clean burn, are legal to use and have a much higher heat output, helping to save you money in the long run.

Due to the artificial drying process, our birch logs are available all year round. That means that within a matter of days, you could have a neatly stacked pallet of hardwood logs delivered free to you, ready to keep you warm.

Bulk birch logs - available in bags and creates

The following options for buying great value bulk birch logs can be bought on this site:

What other types of firewood do Cozilogs sell?

As well as our kiln dried birch logs, we also sell other varieties of firewood including alderashbeech, and oak. These are all top-quality hardwoods, which are perfect for various burning requirements. It is also worth knowing that our mixed hardwood logs selections will also include kiln dried birch.

Concerning delivery - how does this work?

Cozilogs delivers across the UK, with a number of distribution centres to allow for prompt deliveries.

Our premium firewood (including kiln dried birch) is always delivered on pallets, enabling you to make the handling and storing of your hardwood logs as easy as possible. We’re able to offer our pallets with varying amounts of kiln-dried logs. Whether you’re looking to keep your house cosy or your workplace warm, we’ve got a great value solution for you.

Delivery of bulk birch logs is free of charge to most parts of the mainland UK, but there is a delivery surcharge for offshore destinations.

Further details are available on our delivery page.

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