Kiln Dried Oak Logs

There is no better choice than oak for high-quality firewood and we have plenty of options when it comes to how you buy your kiln dried oak logs.

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  1. Kiln Dried OAK Firewood Logs DUAL Bulk Bag
    Kiln Dried OAK Firewood Logs DUAL Bulk Bag
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  2. 1 Ton of Hardwood OAK Logs
    1 Ton of Hardwood OAK Logs
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  3. Kiln Dried OAK  Firewood Logs Bulk Bag
    Kiln Dried OAK Firewood Logs Bulk Bag
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  4. Kiln Dried OAK Firewood Logs Giant Crate
    Kiln Dried OAK Firewood Logs Giant Crate
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  5. Kiln Dried Firewood Logs DUAL Bulk Bag 1 x ASH 1 X OAK
    Kiln Dried Firewood Logs DUAL Bulk Bag 1 x ASH 1 X OAK
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  6. Kiln Dried OAK Firewood Logs BARROW BAGS X4
    Kiln Dried OAK Firewood Logs BARROW BAGS X4
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  7. Kiln Dried OAK Firewood Logs Classic Crate
    Kiln Dried OAK Firewood Logs Classic Crate
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You could choose a Jumbo Netted Pallet, a Dual Bulk Bag, a Bulk Bag, four Barrow Bags, a Classic Crate, or a Giant Crate, depending on your needs at home or work.

Is your oak logs firewood from sustainable sources?

Whatever you choose, you can be guaranteed that every log will be 100 per cent sustainable British oak. Our kiln dried oak logs have a premium moisture content (less than 20%) that will ensure the best fires in your wood burner, wood burning stoves, pizza ovens, or boiler. Oak is renowned for being one of the best woods to burn and our BSL/FSC certified and traceable 100% virgin timber is the highest quality you can get. We manage to combine a commitment to the environment with delivering the best possible burns for you, when you buy our kiln dried oak logs.

Why choose kiln dried oak logs?

You may have been looking for oak logs for sale because you know how great oak can perform in log burners, open fires, ovens, and boilers. Our kiln dried oak logs measuring approximately 25cm (10 inches) in length are perfectly sized to fit most boilers and wood burning stoves.

If you are not then assured, place your first order and you will soon be converted thanks to all of the benefits that our kiln dried oak log nets and larger-sized deliveries have to offer. Your search for kiln dried oak logs near me can end as you have now found the premium supplier that you want and need.

Our kiln dried oak logs for sale have a ‘Ready to Burn’ Certification from Woodsure. They will demonstrate all that premium oak logs can offer when it comes to heating your home or business, or even for cooking in your outside space. Our lower moisture content (less than 20% average moisture content) kiln dried oak logs make the ideal firewood, thanks to its ability to produce massive heat output, whilst still delivering a conveniently clean and efficient burn.

We do not sell seasoned logs, these are simply firewood, which is left out to dry for typically six months or more. Although much better than wet wood or green wood, kiln dried logs are a better option in many ways than seasoned logs. Learn more in our blog article on this topic.

Does kiln dried oak firewood have slow burn qualities?

Our oak logs are also renowned for their slow-burn qualities, ensuring that you never need to spend more time than you have to on putting wood on the fire. This slow-burn also makes sure that you feel like you are getting the best possible return on your high-quality firewood investment every time you receive your order of kiln dried oak log nets, pallets, bags, or crates from Cozilogs.

Will there be smoke emissions?

As well as being a great heat source, our kiln dried oak logs for sale will create less smoke, making sure that you can enjoy the stunning benefits of a real fire without worrying about not being able to see your hand in front of your face. They also throw off very few sparks, something that is very important when it comes to assuring you of the safety and convenience these kiln dried logs offer you.

Available kiln dried oak logs for sale

Choose the following oak logs firewood products when you buy in-store from Cozilogs:

Buy other wooden logs

In addition to our oak logs, we also sell beech, alderashbirch, and hornbeam logs. These top-quality kiln dried hardwoods are perfect for immediate use in a range of burning and heating requirements. Our mixed hardwood logs products also contain oak.

Delivery information

Our regional distribution centres ensure prompt delivery of oak firewood UK-wide.

We deliver these kiln dried logs without cost within the UK mainland, offshore destinations incur a surcharge. Visit our delivery information page for further information.

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