Firewood & Kiln Dried Logs Near Me

We are aware that typing “logs near me” into a search engine is a popular choice when looking to buy bulk bags of kiln dried logs or firewood in the UK.


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A wide range of kiln dried firewood for sale, with free delivery to your home

Whether you are looking for “bulk bags of logs near me”"firewood near me", or perhaps even a “trailer load of logs for sale near me”, Cozilogs are here to help and provide a fast local service when ordering online.

From bulk bags to dual bagscrates and even 1 ton of logs, we provide free delivery and shipping for our firewood and kiln dried logs to most parts of the UK. 

Seasoned hardwood logs for sale

Our kiln dried hardwood logs are perfect for your fireplace, fire pits, log burners, open fires, wood burning stoves, or even a sauna. With a lower moisture content, hardwood burns longer and cleaner. If you're looking for seasoned logs, these are generally left to dry naturally, which can take a long time and only be done at certain times of the year. Kiln drying is a faster and more reliable process that can be done year-round, resulting in logs with a moisture content of 20% or less.

At Cozilogs, all of our logs are seasoned using kiln drying techniques and for the very best quality and performance, we only use hardwood. With its superior burning properties and unbeatable convenience, our high-quality firewood is the perfect choice for anyone looking searching for hardwood logs near me. And to top it off, all of our logs are 100% British Hardwood (UK Virgin Timber), ensuring the highest quality and sustainability. 

Why is there no need to buy firewood near me or limit yourself to local logs suppliers?

We strongly urge you to think that you cannot buy more locally than online, so don't restrict yourself to only considering log suppliers near you.

When ordering through Cozilogs, we deliver exceptional quality kiln dried firewood directly to the comfort of your own home, workspace, or to your doorstep UK mainland-wide.

You cannot buy more locally than that!

Bulk bags of logs near me

Many local log suppliers don't provide in the large sizes we do and work out far more expensive, meaning you will need to buy firewood more frequently.

Of course, we sell standard bulk bags of logs, including our high-quality mixed firewood logs for sale, but we also sell provide bulk bags of kiln dried logs in a variety of wood types, including: 

Looking for even larger quantities?

When looking for large quantities, it’s not likely that you will find many suppliers selling 1 ton of firewood locally. Just think about it - 1 tonne is incredibly heavy! You almost certainly will not be able to transport this weight home and often will have to pay extra for delivery of logs, whereas our prices all include free delivery. So, avoid searching for “bulk bags of logs near me” when we can supply directly to your door.

Additionally, many local log suppliers will not be sourcing timber from accredited and sustainable forestry sources, which is harmful to the environment.

Why buy from Cozilogs?

Here are some great reasons to buy logs online from Cozilogs:

  • Accreditations– we hold accreditations such as:
    • BSL– Biomass Suppliers List
    • Grown in Britain– certification for supporting the active and sustainable management of the UK’s forests and woodlands
    • HETAS- competent person scheme for installers of biomass and solid fuel heating
    • Woodsure– DEFRA appointed wood fuel quality assurance scheme
  • From sustainable resources– all our logs and other products are sustainable and responsibly forested from licensed British woodlands.
  • Value for money– all our logs for sale are exceptionally competitively priced and smash supermarket, petrol stations, and garden centre prices in particular!
  • Versatile in use– our logs are perfect for use in log burners, fire pits, open fires, log boilers, wood burning stoves, and other set-ups

Help and guidance

To discuss buying logs near me, call Cozilogs when you dial (01905) 954 736.

Message us either by emailing [email protected] or by completing our contact form.

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