Kiln Dried Mixed Firewood

Introducing Cozilogs, the premier provider of mixed firewood and kiln dried logs for households and businesses throughout the UK.

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  1. Kiln Dried Firewood Logs DUAL Bulk Bag 1 x BIRCH 1 X ALDER
    Kiln Dried Firewood Logs DUAL Bulk Bag 1 x BIRCH 1 X ALDER
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  2. Kiln Dried MIXED HARDWOOD Firewood Logs Bulk Bag
    Kiln Dried MIXED HARDWOOD Firewood Logs Bulk Bag
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  3. Kiln Dried MIXED HARDWOOD Firewood Logs DUAL Bulk Bag
    Kiln Dried MIXED HARDWOOD Firewood Logs DUAL Bulk Bag
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  4. Kiln Dried Firewood Logs DUAL Bulk Bag 1 x ASH 1 X ALDER
    Kiln Dried Firewood Logs DUAL Bulk Bag 1 x ASH 1 X ALDER
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  5. 1 Ton of Mixed Hardwood Logs
    1 Ton of Mixed Hardwood Logs
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  6. Kiln Dried Firewood Logs DUAL Bulk Bag 1 x ASH 1 X BIRCH
    Kiln Dried Firewood Logs DUAL Bulk Bag 1 x ASH 1 X BIRCH
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  7. Kiln Dried Extra Chunky Firewood Logs Bulk Bag
    Kiln Dried Extra Chunky Firewood Logs Bulk Bag
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  9. 1 Ton of Hardwood OAK/ASH Logs
    1 Ton of Hardwood OAK/ASH Logs
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Whether you intend to use our kiln dried mixed firewood for wood burners, open fires, or in fire pits, Cozilogs has got you covered! Our mixed hardwood logs are a versatile and cost-effective option that come in a variety of sizes and quantities to keep your wood fire going for months.

Not only is our pricing competitive in the marketplace, but we also provide swift and effective delivery from our distribution centres located throughout the UK. Cozilogs always strive to exceed your expectations for mixed kiln dried logs. So why wait? Discover our range of low moisture content firewood today!

Looking for high-quality kiln dried logs near you? Look no further than Cozilogs! We offer a wide selection of kiln dried logs online, which will meet your needs.

Looking for top-quality mixed logs to keep your premises warm?

Qualities to expect when you buy mixed firewood kiln dried logs from us

Our kiln dried mixed hardwood firewood is Woodsure certified, ensuring that all our timber is sourced from British forestry and woodlands, which is all 100% sustainably sourced, harvested, and are fully traceable. None of the kiln dried mixed firewood supplied by us will be softwood logs.

Containing moisture content of below 20%, our Biomass Suppliers List and Forestry Services Commission certified timber offers a high level of heat output with a clean-burning flame, making it incredibly efficient in energy usage and great value while also ensuring low emissions. This means that Cozilogs customers can depend on the superior quality, value-for-money, and energy-efficiency of our wood fuel always!

Our mixed hardwood kiln dried logs are perfectly cut to meet the size requirements of most fuel burners, they have a length (which does vary) of c25cm (10”). And because they are kiln dried, they receive the "Ready to Burn" certification from Woodsure, making them a hassle-free and cost-effective solution for log buyers.

While the exact mix of hardwoods can vary, a typical combination in our mixed hardwood logs includes popular hardwoods such as ash, oak, beech, and birch. So why wait? Choose Cozilogs for the highest quality mixed kiln dried logs on the market! We recommend never using softwood logs, they are cheaper, but create more smoke emissions, do not burn as long, and have a number of other problems too.

What makes Cozilogs the ideal choice for your kiln dried mixed firewood supplier?

Are you running low on firewood and searching for the nearest supplier of high-quality mixed hardwood kiln dried logs? Cozilogs has a great selection awaiting you!

We offer premium quality kiln dried logs that are sustainably forested and will keep any property warm and cosy even in the coldest months. Plus, we offer faster delivery at a price that other log suppliers cannot match. With Cozilogs, you can have peace of mind knowing that all our fuel meets all governmental/regulatory requirements, is from UK natural resources, and is pre-dried for energy efficiency, helping you save effort and finances while also protecting the environment.

Choose Cozilogs as your mixed firewood supplier and enjoy a snug and inviting home year-round. As the UK's leading kiln dried mixed hardwood dry logs producer, we've got you covered!

Ready to heat things up? Check out our available kiln dried mixed logs for sale!

Take your pick from Cozilogs' top-quality mixed firewood logs - available to buy online. These are all kiln dried, feature two or more woods, have low moisture content, and are sorted in weight ascending order:

Mixed firewood bulk bags

Choose from any of the following kiln dried mixed firewood log bulk bag products:

Dual (two) bulk bags

Receive 2 bulk bags from different hardwood species and enjoy the benefits of mixing firewood, with different characteristics (e.g., quicker ignition, burns longer, etc.,)

Can I purchase nets of mixed hardwood logs?

It's also important to note that we sell kiln-dried mixed firewood logs on our page for logs in nets. You can purchase:

Buying individual wooden log packages

At Cozilogs, we offer a selection of premium hardwood logs, including alder, ash, beech, birch, hornbeam, and oak, alongside our kiln-dried mixed hardwood logs. Whichever hardwood you select, rest assured it will be of top-notch quality and ready for immediate use. Check out our individual pages for each wood type to learn more about their distinctive features.

Delivery information

At Cozilogs, we offer free mainland UK delivery from our network of distribution centres, ensuring speedy delivery. For more details, please visit read our information about delivery of crates, nets, a bulk bag, etc., We recommend stacking on a raised log store away from the moist ground.

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How to contact Cozilogs

To obtain information on pricing, availability, and delivery options for our low moisture content kiln dried mixed firewood, feel free to contact us. We're always happy to take your call at (01905) 954 736 and assist you with any queries you may have, including the various wood types used in the mix. You can also send us an email at or fill out the contact form on our website's contact page for a prompt response.

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