Crates of Logs (Kiln Dried Firewood)

Kiln dried crates of logs are the ideal way to stock up on fuel and ensure that you have it at the ready for when you need it the most.

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What crate options do Cozilogs provide?

At Cozilogs, we offer a variety of different choices when it comes to making a kiln dried logs crate choice. So, whether you want a 2m3 crate of kiln dried logs or a dried ash logs half crate, check out the firewood options we can offer. Whatever you choose, you can be assured that every one of our kiln dried hardwood logs you receive is sourced from 100 per cent UK sustainable and traceable woodlands and forestry.

You can also be confident that each and every log will have an internal moisture content of less than 20 per cent, ensuring that you will never feel like you are going to get anything but exceptional quality and value for money when you order a crate.

We offer Classic Crates, as well as Giant Crates, and a range of different hardwoods. These include alderashbirchoak, and hornbeam. Each of the kiln dried hardwood logs measures around 25cm or 10 inches log length, about 80 to 150mm log diameter, and are ready to burn and are certified by Woodsure. Every crate is packed with high-quality fuel delivering premium consistent high heat output, and every piece of timber is BSL/FSC certified. Our crates of logs represent excellent value for money and are the ideal choice for stocking up fuel for your open fire, wood burner, log boiler, or pizza ovens.

What are the weight and other characteristics of your crates of logs?

Learn about the weight and characteristics of our classic and giant crates below. We do not sell mixed hardwood crates, but if you are looking to buy mixed hardwood firewood you could buy two or more of the products below and mix them to benefit from their varying characteristics.

Classic crates

Our Classic Crates, weigh roughly the equivalent of 520kgs, measure 84cm length by 110cm width and are 140cm in height. Our classic crates contain around 725 kiln dried logs.

Choose from the following classic crate options:

If you are looking to buy one ton of hardwood firewood logs, we recommend:

  1. Ordering any two of the classic crates above (for mixed hardwood firewood benefits) or
  2. Order our specialist product – 1 ton bag of logs

Giant crates

If you want even more supplies, for at home or your business, the Giant Crates offer the best value for money and convenience. Enjoy exceptional heat value and energy, along with low emissions, and hassle-free heating day after day, by opting for our largest crate of kiln dried oak, alder, ash, birch, or Hornbeam ready-to-use kiln dried logs. The Giant Crates weigh around 690kg and are 84cm in length, 109cm long and 187cm wide. Our giant crates contain around 960 kiln dried logs and are one of our best-selling firewood options.

Choose from the following giant crate options:

Storage recommendations for firewood crates

Our firewood crates are ideal for stacking with their convenient crate design, they are raised from the moist ground, which prevents them from becoming damp and also provides a free flow of air underneath. We recommend stacked firewood is kept outdoors but undercover storage in places such as a raised log store, shed or garage.

Alternatively, you can take some of the kiln dried logs out and store them locally to their use in wood stores, or perhaps neatly piled up or in baskets next to a chimney.

Why should I buy from Cozilogs?

Choosing such a large crate can seem like a big investment, but that is where our reputation for quality and value for money comes into play. At Cozilogs, we specialise in delivering kiln dried hardwood with a consistent high heat output and with the minimum amount of hassle and fuss.

You can place the largest of orders and know that every single one of our best kiln dried logs that you will receive will be made from 100 per cent British hardwood. They will provide the right internal moisture content to ensure that your fires always burn efficiently and effectively. Some providers sell alternative seasoned firewood, this is cheaper than kiln dried firewood, but has a higher moisture content and does not have the exceptional burning quality offered by our kiln dried hardwood logs.

All of the contents of our kiln dried ash logs crate, kiln dried ash logs half crate and the equivalents in alder, birch, oak, and hornbeam all contain less than 20 per cent average moisture content, which is known to be the optimum level for burning wood.

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