Kiln Dried OAK Firewood Logs Classic Crate

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  • Ready to Burn and kiln dried Oak firewood validated by Woodsure
  • All our traceable, virgin UK timber comes from sustainable woodlands and forestry
  • Low humidity rate – a moisture level of below 20% ensures optimal burning and efficient heat production
  • Dimensions: Length 84cm x Width 110cm x Height 140cm
  • Weighing 520 kg approximately
  • The logs are just about 25cm (10 inches) in length


Premium Kiln Dried Firewood has been created specifically for log users who seek a high-quality, high-heat fuel source. Our dry fuel is made exclusively from locally sourced virgin timber that is certified by both BSL and FSC as being sustainably sourced. With a moisture content of less than 20%, it is an ideal fuel for log boilers, wood burners, and open fires, making it suitable for heating both homes and businesses.

Cozilogs dry logs offer maximum heating power and minimal emissions.

Count on Cozilogs for the dependable supply of premium firewood products, with kiln dried timber consistently produced to ensure reliability and quality.

Please refer to our page for further information.

  • 100% British hardwood certified by Grown in Britain
  • BSL Authorised and complies with the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI)
  • All timber is from 100% virgin UK traceable, sustainable Woodlands and Forestry.
  • A low moisture content of less than 20%.
  • A high calorific value and a high heat.
  • A very clean fuel which does not blacken your wood stove glass.
  • 100% Certified ‘Ready to Burn’ by Woodsure.
  • A fuel available all year round in any quantity required

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