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Are you looking for the best logs and firewood deals? At Cozilogs, we are often asked, “do you have any special firewood offers or discounts available?” Well, if we do, here is the place to look.  

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Read below as we bring you tips and advice on the best approaches to finding our best firewood offers.

These may apply to our kiln dried logs (available in bags, nets, or crates) and our other products including pizza oven logs, charcoal, and outdoor & BBQ wood fuel, etc.

Trade customers

Just a note to say that this page is intended as an offers page for residential customers rather than trade customers. If you are a trade customer and can order in bulk, please visit our trade and wholesale page.

Tips and advice to receive our firewood offers

Listed below are the methods to find our very latest firewood discounts and offers:

  • Visit this page – the first tip is to visit this page frequently. Why not bookmark this page and take a note to revisit it to gain access to our latest special offers
  • Newsletter signup – simply enter your email address in the “Let’s stay in touch box” at the bottom right of any page on our website. You will then be subscribed to our newsletter and be eligible to receive promotional offers, which are sent through the newsletter
  • Visit our social media pages – click on any of our social media links below for access to offers on firewood as well as competitions, which we occasionally operate:
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  • View our hot selling items – scroll down to around the middle of our home page and you will find the “Hot selling items” section. Here we list our most popular selling items, which are often at our most heavily discounted rates

Does Cozilogs always have the cheapest logs for sale?

The answer is no, but we provide the best quality hardwood logs for the money you pay. While Cozilogs may not have the cheapest logs for sale, it is important to remember the adage "caveat emptor," or "let the buyer beware." Almost always you will find, the lowest-priced options on the UK market are not always the best choice, especially when it comes to firewood.

Value for money, rather than the lowest cost

Cozilogs offers not just affordable firewood, but value for money, ensuring customers enjoy benefits that cheaper, softwood, wet, green, or unseasoned logs cannot deliver. With each Cozilogs order, we guarantee longer burning logs, which makes every £ you spend pay. We use eco-friendly packaging and include recyclable pallets for larger buys, and with the availability of delivery across the mainland UK, we provide exceptional service and product quality.

Environmentally friendly values

Cozilogs prides itself on environmentally friendly practices including the supply of sustainably forested firewood from UK sources. We kiln dry every log to ensure it has a low moisture content (below 20%), which enables easier ignition, less spitting, and minimal smoke and ash residue. Our firewood is supplied "Ready to Burn" from day one and can be used for multiple purposes, such as in fire pits, wood burning stoves, and open fires, etc.,

Buy with confidence from Cozilogs

So, buy from Cozilogs, our firewood will not be the cheapest logs for sale in the UK, but they will be the most eco-friendly and the best value logs you can buy for the quality you receive.

Contact us about firewood deals

Our cheap firewood logs are competitively priced anyway but you could also take advantage of buying in bulk. The more you buy, the more you save. Remember, as well, investing in quality means paying more upfront but you will need to replenish firewood supplies less often and find your buys are more economical in the long run. We also recommend visiting our special offers page for the latest deals!

Do you need professional advice about finding the best deal on firewood, if so contact us:

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