For premium BBQ coal and charcoal for sale online with convenient UK home delivery in bulk bags, look no further than Cozilogs. Check out our fantastic selection of charcoal, which you can simply light in an unopened bag today!


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  1. The Chiminea pack
    The Chiminea pack
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  2. The Summer Pack
    The Summer Pack
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  3. The Pizza Pack
    The Pizza Pack
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  4. The BBQ Pro Pack
    The BBQ Pro Pack
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  5. Big K Instant Light charcoal
    Big K Instant Light charcoal
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  6. Big K Lumpwood BBQ charcoal
    Big K Lumpwood BBQ charcoal
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  7. Big K lumpwood Charcoal twin pack
    Big K lumpwood Charcoal twin pack
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Enjoy the pleasure of BBQ coal when cooking

Are you planning to fire up your charcoal BBQ for the first time this year?

Or perhaps you have invited friends and family over for an outdoor eating extravaganza and want to make sure that your plans don’t turn into a damp squib because of poor performance from your heat source?

If so, you need to get your bags of lumpwood charcoal or briquettes from a trusted supplier such as Cozilogs. You can be assured that our reputation for selling BBQ coal burns as bright as your charcoal grill will after you simply place an order with us.

What is charcoal?

Charcoal is a solid biomass fuel produced by burning wood for a long time in a low-oxygen environment. The name originates from “Char” – the black residue left after burning and “Coal” – named this due to its similarity in appearance to coal.

A major use is as a fuel source, which is ideal when used as BBQ coal for cooking. As well as barbecues, charcoal has many potential uses, some of which are summarised below:

  • Art– the material is used in certain areas of art
  • Cosmetics– sometimes added to cosmetics
  • Fuel source– used in many ways as a fuel source
  • Medical– activated charcoal is used for absorption of poisons and treating stomach gas issues and
  • Pyrotechnics – often used, ground up in fireworks

We love charcoal barbecues in the UK

There is nothing like the smell of barbecued food cooking on a summer’s evening. There is also nothing quite like the disappointment of trying to cook chicken you have spent hours marinating on coals offering less heat than a broken radiator.

We will ensure that you will never again have to take the tragic walk of shame to the oven in your kitchen by only supplying the very highest quality bags of BBQ charcoal to meet all of your outdoor cooking needs. Quick and easy to use, our BBQ coal will ensure you are ready for cooking in just 15-20 minutes. Savour that unmistakable barbecue taste when you buy a bag of charcoal online from Cozilogs. You can always add more charcoal if you need to increase the heat.

Great value, especially when buying in bulk

Choose the type and amount of fuel you want for your charcoal barbecue and let us do the rest. We provide bundled charcoal bags with volumes for discounts, the more you spend the lower the cost will be per KG (and per bag).

We offer fast and efficient home delivery to your door so that you can start cooking up a storm using our BBQ charcoal packs as soon as possible. Our fast and easy service means that you’ll never say that having a barbecue is too much like hard work. Enjoy free home delivery to most mainland postcodes in the UK, when you order from Cozilogs.

In fact, you can enjoy hassle-free al fresco cooking and dining whenever you decide to spark up your charcoal barbecue or grill. When you buy from us, you buy instant light BBQ coal with no need for starting fuels (such as lighter fluid)! Our charcoal burns with a reliable and consistent heat, that you can depend on.

Forget having to lift heavy charcoal bags onto shop counters. Our BBQ coal is clean to use and packed in dustproof and waterproof bags, all you have to do is simply light the fire in the unopened bag! We take the hassle out of sourcing your lumpwood charcoal or briquettes and leave you to concentrate on what you want to put on your charcoal BBQ or grill.

Why buy bags of charcoal from Cozilogs?

We pride ourselves on only supplying the highest quality bags of BBQ coal and wood fuels. Our clean burning, odourless barbecue charcoal and briquettes are no exception. We want you to enjoy every second you spend cooking on, or eating from, your charcoal barbecue. We never want you to have to worry about wasting time trying to prepare dishes using underperforming fuel or being concerned about serving up undercooked food.

Great value for money

All of our BBQ coal bags provide the best possible value for money. We aim to always offer you the best possible prices and, with the quality of the FSC® certified charcoal we supply, you will always get the value you want and need. Talking of quality, our charcoal has strong environmental credentials and is 100% natural and additive-free.

Long-lasting heat

Our fuel will ensure your charcoal grill keeps its heat for as long as possible, making sure it doesn’t lose its spark before even slow-cooked food is ready to eat. Who wants the hassle of having to try and rescue half-cooked food in the kitchen when you can buy charcoal online from Cozilogs and know that you will have all the heat that you need.

Barbecue accessories

Lookout for the following additional accessories, which are available with some charcoal packs:

We also have separate pages for fire starters and kiln dried kindling, as well as our BBQ logs and firewood supplies and pizza oven packs.

Speak to Cozilogs about our BBQ charcoal for sale

If you have any questions about our BBQ charcoal for sale or any of our kiln dried firewood supplies, do not hesitate to contact us in one of the following ways:

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