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Buy kiln dried hardwood logs at Cozilogs. Our range is perfect for a variety of wood-burning purposes around the home garden, we have a range of species to offer here at Cozilogs.  

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Here at Cozilogs, we have a wide range of kiln dried hardwood logs for sale. Rather than softwood, this is our preferred burning wood of choice. All of our hardwood logs have low moisture content and are suitable for use when burning at home but have different characteristics that you need to be aware of to make an informed purchase.

What are hardwood logs?

They are logs, which are harvested from deciduous trees. These are trees, which shed their leaves annually. In the UK popular deciduous hardwood species include ash, beech, and oak. Hardwood logs are much heavier and denser than softwood logs (e.g. pine), this results in many benefits including a slower burn rate, higher calorific value, fewer emissions, and improved efficiency in home heating.

Types of hardwood logs for sale by Cozilogs

There are many types of hardwood log species for sale in the UK. Here at Cozilogs, we have narrowed down our offering to the following six hardwood species as well as offering mixed assortments. These are summarised below:


We love alder wood, for its speedy ignition, which makes it ideal for rapid fire commencement. A possible alternative to kiln dried kindling, alder is also often mixed with slower-burning hardwood species in mixed bundles. Alder wood is lighter and delivers a cleaner burn, which is most suited to shorter length heating and burning requirements.

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Named after its spear-shaped leaves, ash is another excellent hardwood firewood choice. It is renowned as one of the best hardwood varieties in the UK. It is comparatively easy to split and offers balanced heat output. It is particularly popular in use in both fireplaces and wood stoves. Ash can safely be used in urban settings for its clean burning and is commonly used as a hardwood for heating.

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Choose beech for its smooth burning and high heat output. It is an excellent choice for use in wood-burning stoves and in domestic fireplaces. Beech is ideal for its steady flame and minimal smoke. This makes beech an eco-friendly choice, and a popular one for indoor heating.

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Like alder, choose birch for its quick ignition. Birch has a moderate heat output compared to oak, for example, but starts a fire quickly. Birch has a pleasant aroma and burns with a bright flame, which tends to be well-received by observers. It is popular in both indoor fireplaces, as well as a BBQ wood and in outdoor fire pits.

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Often found mixed with beech, and oak in the wild, hornbeam is perhaps a lesser-known hardwood log species. It is treasured for its wood density and high calorific content. It is a very efficient hardwood for burning as it burns with intense heat and each log lasts a long time. Hornbeam is popular for burning in open fires, and fire pits and is also great for use in wood-burning stoves. Choose hornbeam as a great option for a warm and cosy outdoor fire!

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Oak is perhaps the pinnacle of hardwoods. It generates high heat levels when burned and burns slowly allowing for long-term fires. With few sparks, oak is a safe choice. Oak logs are more difficult to ignite, but they reward efforts with a steady and substantial warmth. Choose oak for medium-long-term burns for heating homes.

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Mixed hardwood

Here at Cozilogs, we provide mixed hardwood species packages. These allow for a balancing of burning qualities, which blend woods with differing burn rates and heat outputs. This helps to create longer lasting and consistency in fires. Choose our mixed hardwood logs for a balanced approach and a diversity of values and aromas.

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