Kiln Dried Logs in Nets

If you're looking for the cleanest and most consistent burn possible, you should be thinking about investing in our kiln dried logs in nets.  

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  1. Kiln Dried Mixed Firewood British Hardwood Logs 40 Nets
    Kiln Dried Mixed Firewood British Hardwood Logs 40 Nets
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    Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs 20 Bags
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    Mini Nets Kiln Dried Mixed Firewood British Hardwood Logs
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They offer a more efficient burn, more stable minimal moisture content (less than 20%) and offer the best overall value. For those who burn wood in outdoor BBQs and firepits or in the home in fireplaces and stoves, logs which are kiln dried can make a superb choice.

We make the process of choosing your preferred kiln dried hardwood logs as easy as possible. We have kiln dried ash logs nets available, as well as oak. We also have mixed hardwood available for a variety of burn options. Whatever your preference when it comes to kiln dried logs nets, we can help you. Choosing nets of logs is the most convenient, clean, and simple way of finding consistent quality firewood. Browse our range today to see for yourself.

Why choose kiln dried logs in nets?

Whether you're looking for kiln dried ash or kiln dried oak log nets, or you're more interested in a mixed bag of various hardwoods, there's every reason to choose kiln dried wood over traditionally simple seasoned wood.

Kiln drying helps to consistently remove as much moisture as possible from every log of wood, with our logs certainly having below 20% moisture content. This process just isn't possible through the simple seasoning of wood. That means every log has a consistently low level of humidity.

Additionally, all our kiln dried hardwood logs in the nets are sourced from 100% virgin UK forests and woodlands. We only source wood that is both traceable and sustainable, helping to protect forestry and wood supplies for future generations.

What is the importance of low humidity?

Low humidity is desirable in wood because it allows for a much cleaner and more consistent burn - which means you won't have to worry about so many scorch marks and black streaks on your glass stove fronts. It also means they'll put out less smoke.

That lower level of humidity is also useful for ensuring a longer and more consistent burn. Dried wood will evenly disperse heat through itself as it burns - compared to seasoned wood, where different parts will burn faster than others.

Will your logs be free of bugs or mould?

The kiln drying process is also of note because it will help kill any bugs or mould that might be present in the wood. If you have even one infested log it could risk infesting the rest of the logs in your wood store. Bugs, mould, and other undesirable impurities are purged during the kiln drying process (unlike other types of firewood), leaving you with a clean and safe final product.

Are kiln dried logs worth the extra investment?

Kiln dried logs are a little bit more of an investment compared to regular seasoned logs, but the aforementioned benefits mean that in many cases it can actually offer you even better value for money in the long run. This is especially the case with our kiln dried hardwood logs as they are Certified ‘Ready to Burn’ by Woodsure.

Why choose nets for supplying logs?

At Cozilogs we provide our logs neatly and safely packed in nets - this is for your convenience, making it easier than ever to buy and store kiln dried wood in your log store.

It is worth mentioning that each of our logs is approximately 25cm (10 inches) in log length. This is a perfect size for easy storage as well as for use in log boilers, wood burners and for use on open fires.

Available kiln dried logs in nets

Choose the following nets of logs for sale online at Cozilogs:

What delivery options are available?

Cozilogs delivers UK-wide through a nationwide pallet courier. Our logs in nets are neatly packaged and provided on pallets for easy unloading, handling, and storage.

Our kiln dried hardwood logs in nets are delivered FREE of charge within the mainland UK, a small surcharge applies to offshore locations (e.g., Scottish Islands and Scilly Islands). Refer to our delivery page for further information.

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